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దేశనిర్మాణంలో నేను – My ‘self’ in the making of nation/ Nation Making

What is India, or the nation in which I have been a refugee ever since I drew the first blood to survive just as anybody else? and what is it that I think of this nation from my frame of reference? And have I got myself stuck in the thick of things (a stationary observer still thinking myself motionless seeing others doing things) or have been oscillating here and there (myself doing things and thinking others motionless seeing them as stationary ‘objects’)? To arrive at what and how I make of India, I need to describe who I think I am, irrespective of what others think I am (irrespective of whether this plays straight into my assumption that I am either stationary or on the move, but not both simultaneously). With this, I assume now, that I have sufficiently dragged you – assuming there is no air drag on your side – into the world of my parlance, of thinking. And that’s assumed ‘self’.

Well, as a matter of fact, this physical body could have been anybody else, more than what appears to be a meagre composite plant of flesh, blood, and bones, all of which have been inter-connected by the back and forth nervous electrical signals (of synapses) to brain. Is there anything else apart from this fact that could have been known of my organic nature?

Now, that after I have realized I am only chauffeuring, of not just about myself, but also of visual representations of an India around me – for if the former were much easier than the latter in whatever I do, it would tantamount to making fun of both descriptions, I would now like to make headway against all odds in favour of an image of an India not being made out a case of ‘limitation’ of my judgement. In any case, the description of an image of an India that has been my hood – bearing the brunt of my anger with likeminded, heaving a sigh of relief at rather reluctance

whenever I tiptoe likeminded refugees for , adjusting its pride whenever I manufacture opinions with the help of the likeminded majority for achieving the so-called unity in diversity, and last, but not the least, offering me the much needed brotherhood and sisterhood on seeing me weep in dark -

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