Animal Farm by George Orwell: Nothing gets better than a pig, you human, of course!

George Orwell’s Animal Farm(1945) deals with power struggle among animals. Animals confront among themselves with Soviet and German mindsets for starting their own farm. Animal Farm portends an important picture of socialism, one of the elusive forms of human idealism which dictates electioneering debates of even today’s scientifically advanced age. As a matter of fact, socialistic patterns of thoughts form core of almost all human political outfits and, the way George Orwell takes potshot at human political outfits, which necessitated fundamental equality the road to power and made it a mirage thereafter, is beyond measure. George Orwell opines he tried to fuse political and artistic purpose into one whole in this novel.

                Symbolism/Interpretation and Character analysis of Animal Farm

Name and Nature



Farm buildings

Residence of Stalin, Kremlin

For sightseeing tours, earlier.


Represents Russian industry

Built by the working class


Poetic Pig

Writes National Anthems


Represents England

Imperialist, later US’ friend

Pinch field

Represents Germany

Scientifically developed nation

Destruction of the Windmill

Failure of Five-Year Plan

Failure to stick to plans


Soviet Union Leader STALIN

Socialist turned tyrant

Old Major

Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin


Leon Trotsky


Alexey Stakhanov

Hard worker without brain


Pravda /Goebbels Newspaper

Media for hiding truth


Represents Adolf Hitler

Secret Deals, arrangements


Capitalist governments of UK

Capitalism destroys economies



Business with Soviet


Former Owner of Farmhouse

Lived in luxury, dictator



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