ART OF WICKET KEEPING: An ordeal by Ramachandra Guha



Ramachandra Guha


(Common for all questions)

Focus and focus so that he doesn’t miss a run out, a catch, a stumping chance; he needs to master swear words not contained in Oxford’s dictionary to talk down opposition batsmen; score runs at will in One-Days; encourage his bowlers; must not be disturbed by chances of winning/losing game, cheer team mates when crowds make noise in populous cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, or Mumbai

Who is a wicket keeper from Ramachandra Guha’s words?

He is a person having

  1. concentration of a heart surgeon;
  2. reflexes of a fighter pilot; guts of a boxer
  3. physical stamina to do three hundred uttakh-bhaitakhs from knee-bending position in ODIs
  4. run 100 meters in less than 11 seconds
  5. score quickly, some 33 runs in 10 balls or so; so, it’s easy to be prime minister of a coalition government than it’s to become wicket keeper of Indian team

Talk down opposition (criticize and tease batsmen to disturb their concentration-Australians’ technique of sledging); Rodney Marsh was a master wicket keeper-he held word record of catching an egg without breaking it mid-way off the bowling of Dennis Lillee; Ian Healy, Kiran More, Syed Kirmani, and Moin Khan redefined ‘art of wicket keeping’. Indian audience got used to judge and condemn but he must not let that suppress his performance

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