Bharat Ane Nenu Telugu 2018: Political enigma explained simply!

                                                                          Promise made was necessity of the past

                                                                               మాట ఇవ్వటం అప్పటి అవసరం

                                                                         Word broken is necessity of the present

                                                                              మాట తప్పటం ఇప్పటి అవసరం

                                         - Niccolo Machiavelli (called murderous machiavel by William Shakespeare)

                                                                                       ‘garibi hathao’    పేదరికాన్ని చంపేద్దాం

- Ms. Indira Gandhi, political architect of India’s ambitious nuclear program and credited with disastrous emergency proclamation

                                                                                          ‘ache din’                మంచి రోజులు

- Mr. Narendra Modi, the chief architect of building Indian skyscrapers using words, an ideal mobile dream developer

‘there is no life without trust; once you start using words to your advantage, you are everything but life’, says Aamani (yes, the Subhalaghnam’s aristocratic wife!) to her son. As a matter of fact, or fiction, any literate in real life – either with a doctorate (Ph.D./D.Sc.) or a master’s program title ( would have taken above quote from murderous machiavel just as he/she had presumed a delicious ‘garibi hathao’ in 1970s or a soporific ‘ache din’ in 2014. Mahesh Babu (Mr. Bharat Ram) swallows words of her mother to such an extent that they eventually become source of his life – meaningful existence.  This is the theme of the ‘would have been’ blockbuster ‘I, Bharat’ or ‘Bharat Ane Nenu’.

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