Bruce Lee The Fighter 2015 Telugu – Nothing to get excited at all!

Background Back in 2000, a middle class joe named Vaitla Srinu from East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh had directed a film starring Ravi Teja with music album from R.P. Patnaik. The movie made decent connection with audience. Aanandam in 2001 brought fame to not just actor Aakash and M.S. Narayana but also the director wherein funny scenes were interpolated in a sentimental love story. It all started for Srinu Vaitla and somewhere down he publicly declared support for Telugu Desam Party owing to his liking for late Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, the reflection of which got manifested as famous phrase Srinu Vaitla for comedy on funny aspects of politics and on selective (emphasis added) facets of people. In Dookudu 2011 starring Mahesh Babu with music composition from S.S. Thaman, he particularly tried to project late NTR using a dialogue as the right candidate for Prime Minister of India in spite of availability of many a statesman. Though many of his movies looked like vendetta politics, many a time audience tried to understand kind of comedy he might have been inclined to present and not force his perceptions as dead practical and polite. You’ll understand why I needed to inject this characteristic of Srinu Vaitla as you reach the end of this review for Bruce Lee the fighter which received positive outlook as soon as Mega Star Chiranjeevi, who worked as union minister of state for tourism under Dr. Manmohan Singh of Indian National Congress, confirmed his role months ago.

Screenplay and Story

The story is about an employee Rao Ramesh working in private organized sector (organized sector employers follow definitive structure of recruitment and time bound pay to employees in addition to adhering to tax laws imposed by government from time to time) who is the lone source of bread for his wife, and two children – boy and girl. He wants his son to become an IAS officer which prompts him to make his son join Delhi Public School (DPS) in Hyderabad. But the boy Ram Charan Tej wants his sister Kriti Kharbanda to follow his father’s ambition (may not be termed dream) and subsequently chokes his academic scores paving way for automatic ascendancy of his sister. The director appears not too sentimental about not showing signs of psychological imbalance the boy would have been subjected to upon observing his sister’s low self esteem before being admitted into DPS. The scenes involving hero-to-be in such a dramatical turn around are too ordinary for any one to share empathy. Also the  situational scenes of how hero joins as stint man for movies to append his father’s insufficient income, naturally falls in love with heroine Rakulpreet Singh who is the daughter of Intelligence Bureau director who in turn comes from Delhi to nab villain Sampath Raj with assistance from hero, and how hero’s father comes to know of his son’s sacrifice for the sake of his ambition are too ordinary as even a child can guess what’s on the next frame.

Many frames appear to be direct resemblances from older movies of Srinu Vaitla which is why timely interruption of songs gives audience much needed relief. And the director is successful at least in that. Coming on to much touted comedy department, Brahmanandam, Vennela Kishore, Prithvi Raj, and Posani Krishna Murali are mere puppets. Nagendra Babu appears in a short frame as does Ali and both roles fail to convince. Back ground score is a bonus but is short of creating impression as the story line itself is not refreshing. S.S.Thaman scored many a good beat in the past and this time he didn’t fail. Photography is very good as many angles through which fight scenes are presented create curiosity. Ram Charan is overall good but he needs further improvement enacting a drama and his facial gestures are universal; they’re same from Orange 2010, Rachcha 2012, Naayak 2013, Yevadu 2014, Govindudu Andarivadele 2014. Allu Arjun has become a successful energetic hero on account of his adaptability even with his short height. NTR junior has also established himself as a successful dramatic hero known for escalating sentimental situations. Recently, Varun Tej has proved himself in Mukundaa 2014 and trailers of Kanche 2015 prove a point or two of the young man’s ability.

Rakulpreet Singh has not shied away from glamour show, particularly in Lay Chalo. In fact, she is probable positive from the movie as she appears at ease donning role of daughter of director of Intelligence Bureau (that’s third coveted position after Cabinet Secretary and Home Secretary in Indian political and administrative set up since Jawaharlal Nehru’s era) who shows no signs of ego but gels well with others in her office space as girl next door. She loves to marry a police man who discharges duty at the cost of his sleep. The dialogue in a satirical tone “meeru inthalaa duty minded kaabatte memanadaram prashantamgaa nidra pogalugutunnaam”  - we are able to go to bed without any fear just because you’re on top of your responsibility – evokes response from audience.

Mega star Chiranjeevi comes in the last 10 minutes to a much awaiting crowd. Chiru’s cameo is the second positive in this hugely disappointing movie that lacks in narration, direction, performance from hero and comedians, and any thing else we have forgotten to add to.

Finally, something about Srinu Vaitla’s reputation for being critical and creating negative impression of some aspects he doesn’t like personally or reflection of his poorer understanding of situations of society. The dialogue from Ram Charan Tej as a teaser to Rao Ramesh’s (father character) overjoy for receiving felicitation from Sampath Raj ” Kohli century kodithe Dhoni Cup andukunnattu vundi” – You’re like Mahendra Singh Dhoni to receive Cup after Virat Kohli has scored a century – SHOULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED and this is direct insult on a man who took over reigns on the suggestion of Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar in 2007 and went on to create history being a lower class employee in Railways. Such a useless dialogue could have been edited even by Ram Charan Tej or Chiranjeevi himself. No surprise given the fact that Kona Venkat would have wanted this dialogue as he appeared a fan of Virat Kohli in a dialogue from Loukyam 2014.

Rating: Only for watching Chiranjeevi!

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