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What has environment taught us the incredible humans? CC: Industry Inc.

The world environment day on 5th June marked yet another day for the global buzzword environment to attract headlines and become the darling hashtag on social media platforms; industry spoke more on the subject than the lesser harmful street vendors and…
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Brahmotsavam 2016 is for RAO RAMESH! CC: Mahesh Babu fans and Kajal fan base

Brahmotsavam 2016 review Original: Brahmotsavam, the annual celestial festival organised to worship Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy on the hill top Tirumala during September and October is a well attended event and occupies a sacred space in any Hindu individual’s calendar. …
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Size Zero 2015: Content is zero.

Preview Anushka Shetty needs no introduction of her fame and characteristic diversity. When she first announced she would like to don a role of a chubby girl with extra weight, there appeared a sense of belonging in her approach as…
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Kumari 21F: Ask your spouses their definition, domain, and range of maturity. CC: Sukumar writings

Santhosh, ScoopLense. Introduction The message is simple from Sukumar from Kumari 21F directed by his student and assistant Surya Prathap. Sukumar had earlier directed Arya, 100% Love, and Nenokkadine (One) to a very good applause from class and mass audience…
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Kamal Haasan’s Cheekati Rajyam 2015 Telugu: Sheer merit in terms of acting prowess!

Santhosh, ScoopLense. Some situational dialogues for your understanding..(in  Telugu) First. కమల్ భార్య భర్తని, “ఇప్పుడు టైం ఎంత అయ్యింది?” మొబైల్ ఫోన్ చూసి చెప్పేలోపు అటు నుంచి ఇంకొ ప్రశ్న, ” వాచీ చూసి చెప్పొచ్చుగా?!” కమల్ వాచీ ఎడమ  చేతిలో వుందన్న విషయాన్ని మర్చి మనలో చాలా మందిలాగే చేయటం ఆయన…
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Kanche 2015 Telugu – War is universal solution for every petty mind to all problems. CC: Indian Caste Inc.

Preview Well, that’s how Jagarlamudi Radhakrishna, fondly called as Krish, thinks of making a movie. And yeah, before moving on to script and screen play, let’s see which all productions milked bucks in 2015 which has so far given successes for…
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