What has environment taught us the incredible humans? CC: Industry Inc.

The world environment day on 5th June marked yet another day for the global buzzword environment to attract headlines and become the darling hashtag on social media platforms; industry spoke more on the subject than the lesser harmful street vendors and … Continue reading

Brahmotsavam 2016 is for RAO RAMESH! CC: Mahesh Babu fans and Kajal fan base

Brahmotsavam 2016 review Original: Brahmotsavam, the annual celestial festival organised to worship Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy on the hill top Tirumala during September and October is a well attended event and occupies a sacred space in any Hindu individual’s calendar.  … Continue reading

Congratulations Krrish and Kanche! CC: Baahubali team and Indian cinema lovers

Congratulations, dear Kanche movie makers, on winning the national award in best Telugu film category. And, quite not the movie of sorts from S.S.Rajanouli, Baahubali the beginning won the best film at the National Awards. While many have no objection … Continue reading

The debate of nationalism and politics – enough is enough.

I was in the national capital for a brief period in late February 2016. The cameo visit was official and personal as if it would have to resemble traits of my zodiac sun sign, and since I truly and firmly … Continue reading

An Open Letter to Andhra Pradesh government! CC: Board of Intermediate Education, B.I.E., AP, Hyderabad

ScoopLense wishes students who have appeared at the IPE 2016 first and second year the required luck to sail through in the next league, graduation and research/entrepreneurship. While it’s commendable that the conduct of IPE has so far been good … Continue reading

Children will remain intact throughout, hearts unlikely. CC: Parents and Teachers.

A happy children’s day to all kids who are wearing masks of fertility, growth, fame, and age.

Mandate Bihar 2015: Relevant to BJP in centre or Significant to caste and regional aspirations?

Santhosh, ScoopLense. So, where did the equation go wrong with the BJP, to cast a shadow on its own with support from RSS and lambaste from intellectual society? What is the lesson sent out to BJP and how close is … Continue reading

Kanche 2015 Telugu – War is universal solution for every petty mind to all problems. CC: Indian Caste Inc.

Preview Well, that’s how Jagarlamudi Radhakrishna, fondly called as Krish, thinks of making a movie. And yeah, before moving on to script and screen play, let’s see which all productions milked bucks in 2015 which has so far given successes for … Continue reading

Digital India: What is on the way?

Santhosh, ScoopLense. Timing of announcement from the Prime Minister Narendra Modi about his government’s push to herald in a informational India hasn’t taken me by surprise. After all, it’s the duty of any elected government to provide its citizens with … Continue reading

What is the best way to combat General Essay? It’s 250 marks, of course.

Santhosh, ScoopLense. Individual thinking should be encouraged right from childhood. Critical thinking should be encouraged right from day one of school. Children should be empowered to ask questions and seek answers playfully. Parents should be educated enough to encourage children … Continue reading