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What has environment taught us the incredible humans? CC: Industry Inc.

The world environment day on 5th June marked yet another day for the global buzzword environment to attract headlines and become the darling hashtag on social media platforms; industry spoke more on the subject than the lesser harmful street vendors and public in general. UNEP, the environment programme of the United Nations, dedicated this year to put an onus on minimizing illegal trade of wildlife while emphasizing on key areas of improvement, such as, maintenance of balance and harmony in ecological biodiversity and voluntary regulating checks on carbon emissions.

Brahmotsavam 2016 is for RAO RAMESH! CC: Mahesh Babu fans and Kajal fan base

Brahmotsavam 2016 review Original: Brahmotsavam, the annual celestial festival organised to worship Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy on the hill top Tirumala during September and October is a well attended event and occupies a sacred space in any Hindu individual’s calendar.  Sreekanth Addala surprised many by opting to go with the sacred name for a movie though common sense would instruct us to look at any movie as it is supposed to be viewed. Tollywood responded positively when Venkatesh Daagubati and Mahesh Babu Ghattamaneni played out as brothers when they set themselves up to an eye-opener in a meaningful dialogue from their father Prakash Raj with the movie introducing greenery of Godavari paddy fields and a series of regulation dialogues inside a family environment. Sreekanth Addala is not new to experimenting with fluctuations in individuals and their emotions which introduce them as either introverts or extroverts before others. His themes are always classic navigators to making individuals happier than they already were. The recipes from his story kitchen so far received applause from both family and youthful audience as he went on to create a niche for himself starting with Kotta Bangaru Lokam in 2008.  His left shoulder is the USP which made a grand entry with meaningful dialogues decked up at vantage points in story narration with little action on screen. His right shoulder rests on keyboard of Mickey J Meyer without having to worry as the latter is known for his class which can enthral mass on a regular basis.  Mukunda took many by surprise for the cinema lover actually needed to gauge love, politics, and sentiment from purely philosophy of human nature wherein Rao Ramesh played in fact the role of hero! Now Brahmotsavam starring Mahesh Babu and Kajal-Samantha duo is being screened in not less than 1500 screens in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana jointly. The movie speaks of nothing more than happiness spread across a turf of blood relations and endeavouring joy. The story asks for restoring a sense of belonging among differently and vastly performing actors on life stage. Imagine a life canvass where artists simply walk and paint their themes. In simple sense, the director walked away from spreading infinite happy moments the world over, which he successfully established in Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu (SVSC) with Mahesh Babu and Samantha in lead pair, to a well defined set of relations with a chain of blood groups! How the director wanted: Director’s movie is what we can comprehend from the story lines, without giving in to stardom of Mahesh Babu and, we need to appreciate the bold undertaking from the charming hero of Tollywood after NTR in his peak years before storming Andhra Pradesh assembly. Sreekanth Addala didn’t seem he was interested in making audience sit for casual mix up of melo drama and rather familiar family stories which owe a lot to mother of family blockbuster movies, “the” Kalisundaam Raa in 2000. Movie starts off with a marriage function and token introduction of characters with…
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An Open Letter to Andhra Pradesh government! CC: Board of Intermediate Education, B.I.E., AP, Hyderabad

ScoopLense wishes students who have appeared at the IPE 2016 first and second year the required luck to sail through in the next league, graduation and research/entrepreneurship. While it’s commendable that the conduct of IPE has so far been good and decent on occasions – issue of hall tickets and pass percentages have always seen rise ever since Chandrababu Naidu made it compulsory to announce results well in advance so as to relieve parents and students from anxiety syndromes. The decency here implies to setting of question papers, with an emergency set of question papers kept in abeyance of normal machinery, with a sense to ignite passion amongst student community to reinvent themselves, which is only possible if the questions in examination papers stimulate strength of intelligence rather than maintain routine chores of securing marks with no benefit other than setting up for an All India examination like JEE of IITs. It is in the best interests of student community that we, at ScoopLense, have primarily conducted a survey with small sample size. The letter therefore is anything but criticism of existing structure. We would like to have your kind attention and empathy on to the following details. With due respect to the Board of Intermediate Education, B.I.E, AP, Hyderabad, which has successfully conducted examinations across Andhra Pradesh and erstwhile Telangana region, from and on behalf of student fraternity and intelligentsia, we would like to present before you the matter of concern regarding conduct of practical examination for the first and the second year intermediate students. The procedure for intermediate examination, especially practical examination, mandatorily stipulates students appearing at the practical examinations to conduct and demonstrate experimental observations in only those colleges where they have prepared for theory and performed practical preparatory tests and submitted observational record books. These admitting institutes are also said to be the sole medium of communication between BIE and student. As we all are aware of the fact that theory examinations, known as IPE, started jumbling process in order to minimize mal practice and prevent mass copying almost a decade ago, with a prior notification of intention of government policy to the admitting institutes through public means of communication well in advance, the change has appeared to serve its purpose quite significantly. But the latest G.O. issued in February 2016 regarding preventing mass scale duplication of practical observations and mass copying, just when the students were about to fine tune their practical observations and submit record books, had made students stranded. Many of the students had acquainted themselves with laboratory structure and observational environment of the very colleges they had prepared for theory and conducted practical observations. The very fact that science group students – to whom Physics and Chemistry would go along major part of their under graduation and graduation – may not have belonged to the intellectual echelons of James Clerk Maxwell, Oliver Heaviside who attributed most of his astounding Mathematical prowess to the former, Lorentz, or even Darwin, is something that we…
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Nannaku Prematho 2016: Quotient of intelligence and emotion

Must watch in INOX theatres only for better sound and experience. Devisri Prasad made violin play with ease throughout the movie. A fitting climax in the end should take the movie forward in competing with industry’s number game in revenue. What happens when you turn an object anti clockwise? Will that have an impact on material stuff or on fellow human being? Or corresponding emotions of the object will have a say on emotions of the man? What will you do to outsmart a man who you believe had outwitted you in your burgeoning business? Will you be a nice man and do the opposite – teach a pervert his lesson? Yes or No will depend on corresponding emotion!

Kumari 21F: Ask your spouses their definition, domain, and range of maturity. CC: Sukumar writings

Santhosh, ScoopLense. Introduction The message is simple from Sukumar from Kumari 21F directed by his student and assistant Surya Prathap. Sukumar had earlier directed Arya, 100% Love, and Nenokkadine (One) to a very good applause from class and mass audience and as one could see in presenting emotions he appeared set to stand out from the rest of the cut, and so it’s expected from Kumari 21F a symbolism of womanhood as the title itself speaks of an unmarried female at age 21. The female lead in the movie talks about maturity on numerous occasions and lack of cohesion in applying mind to unconditional love. In this age of liberalization, privatization, and globalization (LPG), it’s quite uncommon to find purity in love and bonding, especially between two adolescents with no blood relation, chief thanks to competitive edge forcedly imposed on human beings to an extent of becoming robots aided by fast food culture and misuse of technology. Message from the movie – Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics of understanding The relationship between two adolescents falling in love must be invariable. Mathematically speaking, the love channel is directly proportional to the level of understanding of fluctuations of the said minds, and chemically speaking it’s about enhancing the bond angle between two minds dying for each other, and quantum notionally any loss of energy in trust in the partner would automatically result in spiralling path of en electron into nucleus (call it potential energy or increase in kinetic energy as the electron moves closer to nucleus). The theory that an electron would have crashed into nucleus was rejected straight away by observers of quantum as the theory of black body radiation was developed. And Modern Physics took birth with eventually many suspicions experimentally proven practically wrong. Basic point here is that theories of understanding of nature may be infinite, and, as one reduces contradictions and confrontations one by one with results that can lead to insights which are open to testimony one enters into realm of pattern with which nature was operating since time immemorial. And that’s what you see in science. As Richard Feynman, the century’s best theoretical physicist put forwarded the view in his famous Feynman’s Lectures on Physics that Mathematics and love are not science to prove them wrong or right as test of their validity is not an experiment, we can say that love is neither science nor fiction. Sukumar wanted something to establish and we’ll see how his director traversed the path. Was he successful in establishing his writer’s theory? Plot and Screenplay A female named Kumari proposes the moment she spots a joe named Siddhu, who dreams of making it to Singapore as chef. She says that love at first sight surfaces as a result of a chain of chemical reactions as catalysts in brain of an individual trigger these only and only (iff condition) when their eyes sport an intriguing person of such an intensity – all within 0.2 seconds. Hero Siddhu reveals this phenomenon to his friends…
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Kanche 2015 Telugu – War is universal solution for every petty mind to all problems. CC: Indian Caste Inc.

Preview Well, that’s how Jagarlamudi Radhakrishna, fondly called as Krish, thinks of making a movie. And yeah, before moving on to script and screen play, let’s see which all productions milked bucks in 2015 which has so far given successes for waiting doors of makers and lovers of Telugu movies. Recent success of Nani’s flick Bale Bale Magadivoy at box office has yet again marked dominance of simplicity of content and hype-free screen play over eulogized heroic acts and video gymnasts. Temper, Pataas, Gopala Gopala, Srimanthudu, and Rajugari Gadi bagged decent scores at box office while much hyped Baahubali didn’t cut ice with expectations having run so high. Rudramadevi and Bruce Lee are a disappointed lot and Chiranjeevi’s cameo didn’t sound too alluring to stamped audience as well. Against this back drop came Kanche, meaning fence, which revolves around racism of European and Indian back home while constantly drawing parallelism into think tanks of pre-Berlin era and pre-independent community plague in India. Story and screenplay 

Digital India: What is on the way?

Santhosh, ScoopLense. Timing of announcement from the Prime Minister Narendra Modi about his government’s push to herald in a informational India hasn’t taken me by surprise. After all, it’s the duty of any elected government to provide its citizens with safe, reliable, affordable communication set up with authentic surveillance and optimal privacy at individual level. Not too long ago, Rajiv Gandhi euphoniously announced his government’s commitment to make India an information hub even as Doi Moi reforms in Vietnam were set in motion after considerable agreement was arrived on phasing out unplanned and unfinished economic burden. Sam Pitroda perhaps is the only available technocrat to have seen statements of Rajiv and Modi in the most authentic context possible. His recent wonder on whether Modi should be credited for initiating the digital revolution merits a decent debate on who and who of information and electronic revolutions India has time and again witnessed. Before slating order of issues of debate, we must allow ourselves to ponder on what we want to visualize and perceive of a development orientation. Infrastructure and agriculture remain a nation’s priority while research, education and teaching pick themselves up the order of novelty and industries of core areas the third and the most demanding slot. Now, for all these vital sectors and prioritized indices to efficaciously push growth rate information technology appears a much suitable and affordable option. Information technology has a number of benefits beyond social media now and the then communication channel – operational cost is too low compared to any conventional source besides being faster in hassle free delivery with transparency. IT picked up momentum from nowhere as can be seen from success stories of Google and Yahoo! which have bolstered growth of service industry across globe in addition to augmenting electronic hard ware industry in the past decade. To declare IBM, Asus, Dell, Intel, Hewlett Packard, Qualcomm, Microsoft and a number of associates have economies better than third world nations clubbed together is little as even health, family care, and fashion opted for cutting edge and cost effective solutions. Land line connections served millions of communication needs with certain constraints like infrastructure and land. Security of physical systems depended on available private and public personnel who are more certified in safeguarding mechanism and less on mitigation. News paper, Television, and Radio honoured information and entertainment (infotainment) requirements from author/ presenter’s perspectives alone. This was the basis till mid 1990s on which India launched itself into foray of information technology and internet answered many questions. Infosys steered itself to a commanding position when it entered NASDAQ and car driver of its founding chairman earned in excess of crore. Contd…

Amaravati: What’s in store for Andhra Pradesh Inc. CC: Visakhapatnam

Santhosh, ScoopLense. Refer here http://www.scooplense.com/if-the-29th-state-of-indian-parliamentary-democracy-becomes-a-reality-which-place-would-suit-for-capital-city-of-andhra-2/ At the stroke of 1240 IST today, that is on Dusserha, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi laid out foundation stone for new capital city at Guntur near Vijayawada planned by government of Andhra Pradesh under Chandrababu Naidu’s stewardship. The meeting for foundation was attended by dignitaries including governors and chief ministers of other states. Many arrangements seem to have paid off with almost a festival mood enveloping Guntur surroundings. Guntur is the third populous place after Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada. As aspirations of owning head quarters of administration are immensely high, it remains to be seen if government machinery can take the lead and live up to expectations of region’s agglomeration of Vijayawada-Guntur-Tenali-Mangalagiri (VGTM). All the best to people of Guntur district!

Down Memory lane!

Birth anniversary of Deendayal Upadhyaya, on September 25. A special character of sorts, individual from socialism and capitalism, was formally introduced to Indian diaspora in the name of Integral Humanism whose fundamental objective is to carve out niche for indigenous (made in India by India) tool for welfare of people. Though the very sound of alienation from famous doctrines of economy, viz,. Marx C-M-C and M-C-M theories, and Roosevelt’s capitalistic idea of attacking nations under carpet of economic sops appear familiar, the manner in which Deendayal had proposed the matter of weighing merits of science, after having studied from BITS Pilani, was in a way unparalleled. Deendayal’s rejection of western influences barring science is comparable in parts to Jawaharlal Nehru’s ideology of respecting good of others and rejecting bad of others. Satish Dhawan’s birth anniversary is celebrated among fraternities of science and engineering today, that is September 25. SDSC (Satish Dhawan Space Center) got its name in recognition of services to mankind from this Aeronautical engineer, who served as Chairman of ISRO and Indian Space Commission. He worked as the director of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore after brief stint at Caltech where Richard Feynman instructed undergraduate students which were recorded and typed in famous publications named Feynman’s Lectures on Physics. September 25 also marks the day in history when French invaded German in Second Battle of Champagne in World War I in 1915. Anniversary of Akshardham 2002..Barbarians entered the holy shrine of Swami Narayan Temple on 24, September 2002. The drama continued for more than 40 hours even as the National Security Guards (NSG) took the positions hours after the brutal killings of innocent devotees. The incident brought to limelight the fact that India was still in the process of dealing with terrorist groups with little success! The incident was the major operation after Kargil’s success under Vajpayee rule which highlighted the importance of upgrading security and surveillance in the country with common sense! The following day, on 25 September, 2002, India surprised the mighty Safaris with powerful display of character at Romesh Premadasa, Colombo, under lights to seal clash with the hosts in 2002 Champions Trophy, thanks to hawk eye and position from Yuvraj Singh. John Wright led the team’s think-tank with chorus from seniors and Sourav as India eventually travelled to Semis while the TV world was joking at Indian players-the players were without fifth bowler and a sponsor. This tourney saw another match winner emerging for India in the form of Virender Sehwag with both bat and ball. Mohd Kaif’s impeccable ton against Zimbabwe helped India realize its fighting potential which raised expectations of world cup win in 2003. That India surrendered to Australia in the two matches it played on South African tracks is another story. Septmeber 30 had seen India and Srilanka sharing honours in the Champions Trophy 2002 after play was abandoned following heavy torrential rains. Lal Bahudur Shastri and Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi share same birth date. October 2 marked Operation Typhoon…
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