Dos and Don’ts at Civil Services Examination – CSP, CSM, and PT

You can visit for analysis and expected prelims 2015 cut off for Civils general studies.

Part I

The last date for filling up the online application for the coveted Preliminary Examination is 19 June, 2015. The worry is not with serious aspirants who would have already submitted their application, but with those who are on the boundary wall – still undecided whether to get into fray or buy some time. Former, please get serious about the General Studies during weekdays and leave Aptitude for weekends. GS is the decider in this exam’s cut off. The day of the examination is still 70 days farther. So, if you are in the midst of cracking some mathematical preliminaries or banking aptitude of R.S. Aggarwal or Disha’s, Arihant’s ¬†CSAT book with the help of short cuts, please halt there only and focus on general aspects of the science, economy, geography, history, and political affairs with international outlook. Latter, refer to this page as to why and how you should think twice before starting to prepare for the examination. Civils, is no doubt, the ultimate test for your knowledge and awareness, but there are other careers which give you respect and satisfaction. Remember this fact: All those who clear this examination will not be made Cabinet Secretary, CEC, CVC, or the famous National Security Adviser to the PM. Like politics and every other field of employment, occupation to key posts in DoPT, MHA, MEA, and constitutional posts will become a matter of choice than matter of capability.

Dos at the CSP

1. Write down all the topics you have covered so far in the General Studies, that is in the Paper I (Forenoon session 09:30 to 11:30). 2. Write down all the words you remember in Environment, Economy, History, and Polity. 3. Carefully see which all topics you have firm grip on and again write down those on which you need more clarity. 4. Take the reference manual you have relied upon for Science and Technology, and keep general knowledge source Manorama Yearbook 2014/ 2015 for ready skimming. 5. Write for an hour at least with your personal analysis on all topics you have covered in a day – this is daily exercise and it won’t kill your time because it only narrates how far you have traveled in the deciding paper at CSP and subsequent important papers at CSM. 6. Refer previous five years’ CSP and CSM and pay attention to anything that appears as new or never heard. Now, start reading about them and cover all updates with Google search engine with following technique of query. Example: site:// PM Modi visits Canada and follow it up with site:// Manmohan+Canada+g20 summit. The queries tell you about what the Ministry of External Affairs is up to, and whether it had good connection with the former PM’s visit to Canada. It indeed had. Similar search engine queries will land in the cut off zone. Who knows it! Be positive till the end of the examination.

Dont’s at CSP

1. Never lose confidence. 2. Never refer study materials unless you’re sure about their quality cent per cent. 3. Never discuss anything with those outside of CSP knowledge and awareness. Discussing things with anyone outside CSP is waste of time and may lead you to unnecessary doubts. 4. UPSC is unpredictable and so is cut off; no one knows exact cut off, not even the PM or President of India until UPSC discloses it. Stop thinking about possible safe cut off. It is you who will know after completing the examination on August 23, 2015. 5. Early rise and early sleep are suggested, but it is your discretion as you should know your peak hours of concentration. 6. By any chance, if you feel like having good discussion, go in for a book by Robin Sharma, Abdul Kalam, or simply treat yourself with a reasonable movie that uplifts your mood. Never sit idle with gossip-mongers or pastime seekers online. 7. Stretching hours of concentrated study beyond exhaustion-the point post which your brain asks for relief- is not only waste of your productivity but also harmful to blood circulation and body weight. The point is that you should keep up your good work with physical fitness just as with study.

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