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English for Intermediate

Sample Answer Writing Points for IPE I English/ Note Making for IPE II English




Proponent: Edward de Bono

Value of lateral thinking (LT) explained using ‘Six Thinking Hats’Why to use? Because logic and analysis may not work every timeLogic = Assumptions based on available data/informationAnalysis = Separation of data/information into small parts

Expand the sentence using Simple Present Tense ONLY (Active voice is preferable)

When to use LT? When sufficient information is NOT available for logical conclusion and analytical interpretation, we need to think in an entirely different manner for arriving at a solution instead of getting worried/wasting time; it’s also called creative thinking

‘Six Thinking Hats’

What are they? White Hat = Find out facts (Look for data)Red Hat = Emotional intensity of any situationYellow Hat = Advantages and Benefits (Textbook)Green Hat = Options before us

Black Hat = Judge all options and choose better

Blue Hat = Review above hats/methods used

Examples from lesson

Expand each sentence using Simple Present Tense ONLY


Asked for how long he worked on relativity by Prof. Shankland, Einstein replied that he started at the age of 16, of course as a student, and the problem was always with him, “until at last it came to me that time was suspect!”

Use of different thinking for a complex problem enabled probably the best of minds of the 19th century to arrive at time-dilation and space contraction; his wonder was whether clocks behaved differently while they moved.


Which led to two laws:

Laws of physics are same for all inertial observers; the value of c is constant in every inertial system


Which changed:

Modern Physics primarily, which changed the domain of electrical, electronic, satellite communication, and computer

1. Money-lender sees a girl, wants to marry her with deceit, plays a game of choosing pebbles, girl sees his true colour, quietly drops her pebble, says she must have picked up WHITE one, releases her father’s burden and earns freedom (Money-lender’s desperation lost him money and respect; girl’s desperation won her father the much-needed freedom from crooked lender)2. Cook deposits his costly car as collateral (security) for a bank loan, pays interest for two weeks, repays bank loan, reveals his plan of availing himself of better parking facility for his costly car at a cheaper price HOW SMART! 

3. Australia thought about differently and tried with different captains in Test matches and One Day Internationals (ODIs) from 1998; Steve Waugh for ODIs and Mark Taylor for Tests; Martin Crowe opened bowling with spin bowler Dipak Patel in 1992 World Cup cricket in Auckland; Mark Greatbatch used field restrictions to score freely during first fifteen overs which Sachin Tendulkar used it to perfection later on starting from Napier, whose success became a successful experiment for Sri Lanka at 1996 World Cup cricket in India (Chain response)


4. Kerry Packer introduced day and night cricket at Sydney Cricket Grounds (SCG) on 23, November 1978; coloured clothing for amusement; kookaburra white leather balls for swing both ways; made money with game of cricket; inspired Jagmohan Dalmia in 1996 World Cup cricket


5. Two men spot a tiger; one man runs as fast as he could to outrun the other man so that tiger catches the latter


Author: Sudha Murthy

Wife of N.R.Narayanamurthy

Gender Bias is a subject of a man’s ego in not allowing a woman to shine and enjoy life as he does; she must confine herself to kitchen or regular studies only; Sudha wanted a change in that notion; now women support their family



Gender Bias Create artificial inequality between man and womanTELCO in Pune called ONLY male candidates for an engineering position; female candidates were NOT allowed to appear for the interview; Sudha Murthy was then the only female at Indian Institute of Science, premier centre, among the best in the world. Sudha Murthy decided to abandon her plans of going abroad; applied for the same job though she was not keen on taking up job; sent a post card to JRD Tata; she was called for an interview; she wondered if they didn’t start the process of recruiting women in industries, then who would employ them. Somewhere down the line, someone must take the initiative; she felt guilty of her misjudgement on seeing the hospitality meted out to her before she had conversed with chairman of TATA. Chairman of TATA felt happy that finally women were making it to engineering (write in indirect speech)


  Author: Ramachandra Guha


(Common for all questions)

Focus and focus so that he doesn’t miss a run out, a catch, a stumping chance; he needs to master swear words not contained in Oxford’s dictionary to talk down opposition batsmen; score runs at will in One-Days; encourage his bowlers; must not be disturbed by chances of winning/losing game, cheer team mates when crowds make noise in populous cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, or Mumbai

Who is a wicket keeper from Ramachandra Guha’s words?He is a person having

  1. concentration of a heart surgeon;
  2. reflexes of a fighter pilot; guts of a boxer
  3. physical stamina to do three hundred uttakh-bhaitakhs from knee-bending position in ODIs
  4. run 100 meters in less than 11 seconds
  5. score quickly, some 33 runs in 10 balls or so; so, it’s easy to be prime minister of a coalition government than it’s to become wicket keeper of Indian team

Talk down opposition (criticize and tease batsmen to disturb their concentration-Australians’ technique of sledging); Rodney Marsh was a master wicket keeper-he held word record of catching an egg without breaking it mid-way off the bowling of Dennis Lillee; Ian Healy, Kiran More, Syed Kirmani, and Moin Khan redefined ‘art of wicket keeping’. Indian audience got used to judge and condemn but he must not let that suppress his performance

Quotes for other lessons/

wherever necessary

5,6, and 7 (On Friendship)


Research is four thingsbrains to thinkeyes to seemachines to measure and, fourthmoney.” -Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Vitamin C discoverer (for Prose-IV)

1. Machines are supposed to do work, men are supposed to think 2. It’s women that seduce all mankind-Nightingale and Rose 3. Love is not a science, just like Mathematics, because test of its validity is not an experiment – Richard Philip Feynman 4. Slavery is a necessary evil (friction)Socrates 5. True friendship multiplies good in life and divides evil 6. Only those who care about you can hear you when you’re quiet 7. Don’t tease me unless you’re going to please me (Happiness is teasing your best friend/soul mate) 8. Sometimes you must get knocked down lower than you ever have been, to stand up taller than you ever were 9. “Women are nothing but machines for producing children” – Napoleon Bonaparte (for Gender Bias) on a -ve note

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