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Happy New Year 2016!

Santhosh, ScoopLense.

Wish our readers and well wishers a very happy and prosperous new year 2016!


Credit: Santhosh, ScoopLense, in arrangement with Yoga Consciousness Trust, Vizag. Daily-health-regimen-and-routine-for-Yoga-practice-suggested-by-Yoga-Consciousness-Trust

May this new year year prove to be sufficient in all respects, of health, wealth, study, business, and growing sense of belonging and prosperity!

We have been fortunate enough to live on this planet – a summation of known and unknown forces that cause and enliven living and non living organisms, which in turn make this place a better one to breathe easy. The world as it appears, therefore, is collective effort for continuous evolution. Galaxies we have heard about through books (Milky Way System) are nothing but composition of species – of both gargantuan and atomic scale, which comfortably remind us a calculus way of looking and solving mysteries and problems engulfing mankind; you add up one after another till you reach your known goal post, in mathematics or in real life, only to put them apart to see if you can rearrange them again. How beautiful yet complex it is!

As a morale booster, ScoopLense reminds you of a small fact, that turning on to new year is just another addition to your way of adding up numbers in life to make that life of yours a countable set in terms of years – perhaps liveable years, slightly different from surviving. Count now on ward how many years you have managed to survive and live on your own – financially, socially, individually, and as a human.

Be a force of reckoning!

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