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The sound is not too oblivious of mainstream job applicants worldwide, just as the round of interview is to most of us. The salary decider and perhaps a little more of know-the-candidate rather than understand-the-candidate occurs after the technical, not necessarily technical in nature, and preliminary profile screening process from among many prospective aspirants of any job in organized private sector is done; to say the least, it’s the crucial round as to whether a particular candidate is in or out gets finalized subject to verification of documentary support and academic background. So, what it takes to come out of this seemingly easiest round of interview which is also the toughest junction to cross? Attitude. More and more of that entirely different from analytical aptitude which many of you have already practised for on campus and off campus interviews.

What’s attitude?

How different is this attitude in interview that may be different from attitude of life? Well, not really. Attitude carries the same weight and strikingly similar tone of what we perceive to be attitude, to excel when things go our way and merely survive when things do not go our way (that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger). THE IMPORTANT POINT TO NOTE HERE IS THAT NO TWO PEOPLE DO HAVE SAME ATTITUDE, for life and work. This principle is what many job coaches will not let you know for the fear of backspin of their revenues. It’s just the variety on offer that a candidate is willing to lend his employer which gets him the nod and offer letter!

Before we assess and do some additions and subtractions, here’s some list of probable questions for brain storming!

Question 1

What have you liked in our company? (Our is their tone and reflective of proprietary authority as long as they’re not on their edge of seats)

Question 2

Where do you stay in the city? (If you haven’t mentioned about your location clearly or they want to extract something more on your vicinity)

Question 3

What interests you more, money or success? (Philosophy has knocked out many and here’s another)

Question 4

Who is your favourite, businessman, sportsman, mother, father, lover, even a dog? (About plus and minus of your attitude)

Question 5

Where would you want to be, in ten years from now? (Will you stay here as long as you can)

Question 6

What’s important for success in work? (Discipline and commitment are not tested yet)

Question 7

Are you leader, or a team player, or sub-ordinate? (Yes, boss, is generally appreciated)

Question 8

Are you workaholic or smart enough to complete things on time? (Depends on work function)

Question 9

Rate yourself on a scale of ten ( Your confidence and SWOT are tested)

Question 10

How much salary are you expecting? (The question of all interviews is here)

All questions above are mere opinions and test you on a range of notions you have been maintaining your life, and precisely these extract some interesting things about your personality.

Suggested reading:

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari (Robin Sharma)

Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill)

Living With The Himalayan Masters (Swami Rama)

Games People Play (Eric Burne)

Five Point Someone (Chetan Bhagat)

Suggested newspapers and magazines:

The Hindu, Madras head quartered news daily

Economic Times, for better understanding of economic prospects

Frontline and India Today, for general awareness and solid logic

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