“If you look deep enough you will see music; the heart of nature being everywhere music.”

This was an observation by Scottish philosopher Thomas Carlyle on serene circumference of music. ScoopLense celebrates music renaissance that transcended oceans. Everyday we get so many thoughts which are filled with overflowing joy, exuberance, aesthetic sense of nature, and so on. Sometimes mood disorders surface and preoccupy our actions which are otherwise perfect, or to say frankly, near-appropriate. There was never a moment music didn’t strike our hearts, and this is why even the greatest of brains who tried to change dimensions and spaces of our globe got themselves immersed in valleys of immense imagination that music had which altered their faculties of thinking. Music is thus a rare blend of imagination, sweetness, exemplary skill, and to top all, perfect serve that could even give pause to time. It gives life to life itself! It’s everyone’s observation that time heals differences of ages while music heals swiftly changing moods, and thus personality mars. ScoopLense is delighted to share a royalty-free commercial Youtube background music. To know more, Click Here

“Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.” 

Another great thought on music from Socrates’ principal disciple Plato. Our main theme, celebrating music, and sub-theme, singers, is to talk and learn something about evolution of music into evergreen matter of day-to-day lives. Today, we see with no exaggeration the news of lovely music fine tuning fences of human brain, heart, intestines, and even the entire ship of relations.  With growing technology in synthetic instruments, and developments in streaming and downloading on internet medium, music has acquired digital path. How many MP3 files are there in your music library? How many of them are melodious tunes? And what about playback singers who give life to soothing and energizing  tunes? And, will you care about regulating Raagas in Indian music?

We are here to share our thoughts on melodious tunes. ScoopLense recommends top rated music albums of both Indian and World music. Monument of Strings (Sitar) or Ek Tha Tiger or Swades (AR Rahman) or Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi or Bhaja Govindam. Or share your best collection so that we too can enjoy. Keep visiting the pages on Shreya Ghoshal and AR Rahman, and other pages which will be displayed regularly under the tab “Melody”

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