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1. Introduction

Extend a warm welcome to our website. 

A conglomeration of social, natural, physical, electronic, psychological, medicinal, administrative, political, economic, business aspects of daily lives is conceived of, when after visiting many sites, the principal author of this website, Content Writer by profession due to sheer destiny, discovered loose ends in unlimited attempts at driving home readers by theories that became mere plugins to books. This website is not going to be just another plug in or a mere extension of what is already thought of, but is profoundly influenced by the theory of Logic in its endeavour to becoming a benchmark platform for unfolding unexplored views with erudite observation and powerful argument.

In Indian school of thought, arguments are built on following decorum.


Khandana and

Uttara- paksa or Siddhanta.

We hope views presented here on each and every page are up to majestic standard we have set for ourselves.

Happy browsing!

ScoopLense ™



2. ScoopLense™ Content Use Policy

The content posted on our ScoopLense™ website is for fair use by the public, including students, academicians, intelligentsia, and journal authors. The website is fully aware of consequences of wrong content which is why it guarantees that whatever content is placed here is, accurate, and sourced from reliable sources. This does not mean that the site is error-free. The failure to update changes to ScoopLense website’s policy regulations and usage policies should not be seen as relaxation of existing fair use policy guidelines, and also readers are expected to be aware of cyber threats and online crimes either directly resulting from a source (link placed for citation or further reading) website’s viral vulnerability or indirectly emanating from any party’s host source that may contain malicious software which may lead to a partial or complete breakdown. All the links, parts of links used on the website are meant to encourage knowledge dissemination and further brainstorming. The sharing of such links, however authentic they may be, shall not be seen as binding on readers’ pedagogic level or intellectual traits.


3. All the pictures on ScoopLense™ are from the following sources.

  1. Users of the Website who sought written accord and have got rights to share online; professionals who use our Website for dissemination, and
  2. Images obtained with exclusive rights for publication (on the website) and distribution



2 Responses to Copyright Policy


    Dear founders,
    I’m indeed excited to know about your new initiative. May you employ literary brains, hone their pens, and my you achieve that you desire and more importantly , you deserve.

    Best wishes,
    Ravi T Mandapaka.

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