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Web development

PHP, the true open source

PHP is abbreviated as hypertext preprocessor. Programmers write Websites in PHP and HTML. PHP programming is simple as PHP programmers require just a text editor to start building dynamic web pages. PHP makes web developers’ life easy. When you request this web page, it processes the script with the help of server and sends the results to the client. The tag – server side scripting language is thus apt. PHP works best with Apache, but we also integrate it with Microsoft’s IIS. PHP is easy to learn and program for any budding developer as its syntax is similar to C and it also supports some object oriented features.

It is very easy to install PHP on the server and many web hosting services offer support by default. PHP 5.0, Apache 2.0.55, MySQL 4.1.3 are the latest releases at the time of writing. For developing, we install all these in one go by using XAMPP (an amalgamation of Apache, PHP and MySQL).

PHP offers many features that a programmer can take advantage of and build applications on the go. PHP programming cuts development time drastically for the programmer, makes programming easy and fun for developers and is a highly sought after skill these days. PHP is well documented and attracts very good community support. When clients award us projects, our PHP developers follow the below steps.

  1. Think and develop the idea     for the website – name, purpose, target audience
  2. Design                                         look and feel of the website
  3. Coding part                                 set up an environment that suits your style and needs
  4. Test applications                       for bugs and kinks
  5. Deploy                                         your product

PHP is open source, so it incurs no cost at all. Lot of open source code is available for studying and many good websites and books are also available. PHP runs on any platform and is highly scalable. Lot of Web hosts readily support PHP. It is also very easy to integrate with other site APIs.



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