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Hi readers, After having a long break owing to personal and professional commitments, we’re ready to upload content here. As the name suggests, the site needs to be on a collusion with reasoning and elaborate explaining of each detail that is presented. Initially, we thought we would do well to initiate some article series on Civil services and allied exams, including GATE on non-technical issues, political commentaries. It was only after we found out that we had managed to pocket lesser number of articles that can be placed here for viewers online, we realized we needed to realign content plan, and so, we decided to give pause to publishing of articles for dedicated civil service braincase. As part of the several plans that we have received for quality input, we have arrived at a firm conclusion, to upgrade first the page on civil services, and later publish content in a phased manner. We hope you understood already! ScoopLense wishes its readers a happy Indian independence day!

Sample interview questions for content writing tasks

Some random questions for content writing aspirants in ITeS and Media industry… How do you start writing content when you a. are given a keyword and b. are free to choose keywords? How effective is your content writing in achieving Search Engine Page Rank (SERP)? How do you rate your vocabulary on a 10 point scale? What do you think are the best qualities a content writer needs to have for conveying the message across to the readers or website visitors? How often do you blog? What is your preference – blogging or web content writing or creating adverts? What do you understand by Pay Per Click? Have you ever done that? What do you understand by Google Analytic “key word” search filter and “acquisition” in viewing visitors from across the globe? What is the chance that your article enters aboutDOTcom and ezine article database? Have you ever written a case study? Have you ever written a proposal for business? Discuss the role of content writer in a website’s permeability. Talk about your favourite keywords or the keyword you have blabbered on most in your career. Where do you see yourself in content writing in the next ten years? What if content writers are no longer required for businesses-have you got plan B?

Series on Civil Services is being planned. Expect one or two solid articles every weekend.

I would be busy with books for Services!

19 March 2014 The essay series will commence shortly after analyzing which all subjects to cover with focus on General Studies. Suggestions and/ errors, if any spotted of quality or citations, can be mailed at scooplensesays@gmail.com.   Hello All! We’re planning to build article base here on ScoopLense web portal for Civil Services. Please suggest us some thoughts on what and how one expects from a internet-reading-medium. We believe, however, that internet reading is no substitute for traditional reading, revising, retaining -3Rs, which in originiality increases a candidate’s potential of acquiring “information” which can later be analyzed and summarized for it to be reflected in a real time examination answer sheet. Wishing everyone concerned with India’s growth and policy change aspiration the very best!

Birthday wishes to Shreya Ghoshal! An alternate to Lata Mangeshkar?

ScoopLense wishes through its readers and fans and music lovers worldwide the probable nightingale of India, the coin identity for mellifluence, Shreya Ghoshal, a very happy birthday. Music is divine, and if it assumes human form, will it be Lata Mangeshkar, or Shrey Ghoshal? It is injustice to compare and contrast people of different generations and tag them as per perceived legend or celebrity tag, but then, after having been acquainted with the greatness that these two had which indeed left many only craving for more from the two, would it not be fair enough to acknowledge distinguishing singing scopes? ScoopLense feels, however, that any contrast drawn between the two entails recognition of human individual excellence and enriches listeners’ imagination and heart strength. As always claimed, it is discussion and critical analysis that take this world a notch higher in positive direction.

Indian lower parliamentary house justifies controversial Andhra Re-organization Bill, waits for consent of the upper house

The Indian parliament’s lower house, Lok Sabha, has justified a controversial state reorganization bill after prolonged inconclusive deliberations from the ruling coalition partners of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA), and the principal opposition party, which has been pushing the government to go through the separation of geographical and administrative boundaries of Andhra and Telangana. The term “controversial” here has everything to say as common sense approach makes one wonder why, after giving a thumbs up to the state reorganization bill in the Lok Sabha, the principal opposition party is pressing hard for some alterations in the “voted” bill. As the constitution says, and rightly so, if a bill, finance bill or appropriation bill, is subjected to even minor deviation in Rajya Sabha the bill has to be sent back to Lok Sabha for reconsideration though the changes adopted from the originally passed bill in Lok Sabha are not binding on it. Lok Sabha has thus been given upper hand in matters related to consolidated fund of India and any tax appropriation laws. Civil services aspirants can see the point here, which is a question at personality test conducted by the commission. The constitutional framework that is live and running today had taken a firm ground that even if Rajya Sabha amends some versions of a money bill under any of the articles 108, 109, 110, 111 and 117 and gets it passed with any quantum of majority it is not mandatory on the part of Lok Sabha to accept the changes adopted by Rajya Sabha and the bill then is sent to President’s assent for gazette notification. The period set for Rajya Sabha for its consent of Lok Sabha approved bill is fourteen days . 24, February 2014. The news is finally clear as the Rajya Sabha didn’t amend AP state reorganization bill 2013 and the bill is pending President’s approval. Andhra Pradesh was the first of its kind reorganizations and it will consist of only thirteen districts with few additions from Khammam -which belongs to Telangana in the present bill – as part of arrangement for Polavaram National Multipurpose project. Andhra Pradesh has been given special state category, subject to the approval by the National Development Council, for starting any important investor-friendly ventures. Meanwhile, it is learnt that the central committee will visit state and identify suitable locations for capital city after verifying government land availability and studying quality of basic civic amenities available and infrastructure required. The second destination after Hyderabad, port city Visakhapatnam holds promise as the future industry destination and Vijayawada-Guntur sets its sight on capital city status.

Being Srinivasa Ramanujan in a lifetime, no? at least one day? …

ScoopLense wishes ardent lovers of Mathematics and logic and reasoning a very happy Mathematic intuition day on the 126th birth anniversary of Math legend and pride of India Srinivasa Ramanujan the number machine. Being born in an inadequate family and imbibed with malnourishment in the initial school days, Ramanujan was always at Mathematics and while this being the case it was natural on his part that he neglected other curricula before coming to terms with them. He lost a scholarship from the University of Madras as a result, and it was around this time Synopsis of elementary results in pure mathematics introduced him to the rarest kind of genial computability. His ability to experiment with Bernoulli numbers and infinite series notwithstanding his vague idea of proof of a Mathematical theorem took everyone including Prof. Hardy by surprise. Once in hospital when Prof. Hardy, recognized as Ramanujan’s mentor and financial backbone for the Indian’s projects, visited him following illness the professor got amused at the way the mathematical brain worked on seeing Professor’s car plate number 1729. 1729 is the sum of cubes of 1 and 12. The mathematician who was little known beyond mathematics fraternity attracted many European journals, and subsequently became the first Indian ever to enter into the prestigious Royal Society London. Had there been Nobel for Math, he would have been a recipient multiple times. As the saying goes, “simple living and high thinking are characteristics of successful life in human endeavour”, should it not be our mission to guide our children and encourage them to pursue research and development in sciences putting technology services in the waiting room meanwhile?

Analysis of Delhi Assembly Results 2013 .. pragmatism and idealism change in voter’s mindset had say!

Change is imminent when the chips are down. The emergence of a new party founded by former Indian Revenue Service officer Arvind Kejriwal, who also had a graduating degree from IIT Kharagpur, the first technological institution established post-independence, surprised many protagonists of change who were all along fighting for some reforms at political centre stage. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) won in 28 out of 70 seats whereas BJP settled for much less than it actually wanted to wrest the government from Delhi chief minister. If the performance of AAP in the recently concluded Assembly elections in the national capital city state are indicators of how citizens go to polling booths to vote in their like-minded parties, we can slowly but steadily say that romance associated with the term “change” could soon become a reality, at least for the time being in urban centres which proudly display Indian extravagance these days. The tally which read BJP -31, AAP -28, INC -8, and others including BJP rebel and Independents – 3 made the job of Lieutenant Governor complex though it was right on his part to invite single largest party to explore the options of forming a feasible and enduring government. The moral mandate which Arvind had set for his party and possibly others too meant the BJP couldn’t trade some favourable MLAs in its favour. As The Hindu elaborated in its editorial days after BJP declined to form government with Harsh Vardhan openly saying “we’re not going to have any horse-trading just to form government, and will play the role of constructive opposition if AAP gets its government”, that whatever hopes the dentist politician had pinned in forming the government soon had to make way for Kejriwal’s idealism and romanticism with the very meaning of democracy – “of the people, by the people and for the people”. Winners have their way The competition for the chief minister job was clearly between the new party, and the BJP, which ironically couldn’t get mandate in its favour despite suggestions from various national channel pre-poll surveys that its Prime ministerial candidate and Gujarat’s favourite chief minister Mr. Narendra Modi is in the reckoning for August 15 celebrations at Red Fort next year. The interesting fact here is that some months ago in Delhi, students thronged the venue of Gujarat’s chief minister’s maiden speech. The chief minister had everything to bat for and everyone supporting him on social media which was never coming down, particularly with growing despondence of urban youth and middle class women touching an all-time high in ten years of Manmohan’s ineffective rule. On the 8th of December, though early trends showed saffron’s resurgence in the closely fought ever elections the city-state witnessed for a long time, it soon became clear that it was everybody’s election. The city’s youth showed tremendous maturity in making it a nip and tuck affair and, the social media trends, millions of status updates on facebook and twitter, and various pre-poll surveys almost got it right when samples…
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2014 Guardian master classes: 15 January to 5 February on Website building and hosting

Guardian Master Classes has announced a short term yet powerful technology-acquainting programme on web designing and hosting for people of all walks of life. Anyone interested in learning something they haven’t done before, or want to upgrade their web technology information and processing skills, can enroll here.  The fee has been fixed at 399 pounds and close of sale ends on 15 January 2014. HTML 5 is quite popular and is mostly used nowadays for designing mobile apps by advanced developers. Going by cricket: HTML is a cricket player who engages in action with ball and bat, while CSS (style sheets) is the quality and quantity of designs and logos and stylized caps a cricket player puts on. Guardian is a reputed media firm with over thousands of helpful articles published for fair use and dissemination on its website and is an undisputed world leader in the field of journalism and mass communication. The organization has long ago decided to organize classes for amateurs by its subject matter experts (SMEs) and world class representatives of respective domains in technology, arts, photography, digital media, creative writing in various activities, some of which are life-learning and bread-winning. In this age of too-much information and little-thought-out living standards, courses offered by Guardian, especially on web design and its nuances, undoubtedly count amongst few “must attend” and “must learn something interesting” though courses available on w3 schools is still the top choice for self-learning! Some opportunities come once in a while, some in life’s time, so be optimistic and enthusiastic and aggressively pursue dreams only you share with your internal dream matter expert before someone new knows about your contribution to the world around you. All the best.