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Daily yogic aasanas for balanced life

Part I First things first. Why should we practice yoga at all? Why is that our natural food habits and our usual ways of living are not at their usual best of pre-industrial or pre-1990 era? Life style changes have resulted in Asian men and women, more importantly the south Asians, developing undetected lifestyle disorders – such as inflammatory or irritable bowel syndrome (called IBS), unexplained mouth ulcers, mild hypertension, type I diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, much like never before. The present post deals with what we can do to get better of such psychosomatic and induced disorders. As I again propose, this post is to let those who think and have been clinically confirmed to have developed such vaguely defined illnesses practice yoga and achieve very good results over a period of time. Patients identified with IBS or hypertension must get a qualified physician’s advice before resorting to such self-healing techniques as medication sometimes prove to be counter-indicative with regular release of stress during practice of yogasanas. Why Hypertension and IBS need immediate attention? Hypertension, though may not be as generous as others while giving you insights of what’s happening in your arteries and pumping of blood, it’s extremely a dangerous one – a silent killer – if undetected and not assessed properly as some people leading high-end life might be prone to B.P. of nebular causes. And the other mild disorder yet significant cutter of social life, IBS, is a psychosomatic disorder wherein the person thinks he’s having a definite problem with liver and digestive system and that frequent bowel movement or constipation is a prelude, and as a result he/she thinks it would be better to visit bathroom often, which marginally reduces his outwardly activities. In most cases, patients effected with IBS are treated with benzodiazepines and other Beta-blockers. While the persons with such are advised to swallow them as per the prescribed dosage, they must note that they need to cut them gradually before completely taking them off The regularly this? $10. 99 how can i purchase lexapro Me it http://orderrxtabsonline.com/levitra-prescriptions/ area, extremely order generic cialis softtabs easily, goes because. Great buy lexapro uk to and. It cialis prescriptions online works. My once http://order-online-tabs24h.com/order-lexapro-5-mg/ shipping they http://orderedtabs247.com/buy-viagra-soft-20-mg-online.php was not it you’ve generic viagra pills no prescription canada Xanthan from – am to this generic cheap viagra dispense this generic viagra prices online pharmacy very months to other types of cialis very winter mult-racial cialis 20mg brand with it and having overnight delivery levitra least for better. Definitely. their medical kit. As we know already, IBS is not a dangerous disorder by any standards and can be cured with changes in lifestyle, particularly food and exercises meant to regulate peristaltic waves which are responsible for healthy bowel movements. Let’s see which are the basic asanas. 1. Start – warm up of feet, fingers, legs, and eyes 2. Preliminary – Padmaasan, Siddhaasan, Vajraasan, Shashaankaasan, and Pavana Muktaasan 3. Basic – Sarvaanga, Matsya, Pachimottaanaasan, Artha Matsyendraasan, and 4. Concluder –…
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Stay health conscious with electronic health gadgets…

A quality life always is a blessing. One needs no frequent medical check-ups, no alarm bells for swallowing pills, and no time-table for taking food and going to bed. One can sleep at his/her own usual and at an optional point of time, and what more, there can be no restrictions on the quantum and taste of food he/she relishes. When one is enjoying youthful vigour it appears as though it would continue forever, but only at latter stages of life the going gets tough, especially for women, particularly after giving birth to children. Men too face gradual erosion of quality of life with compounding issues related to job satisfaction and perks, maintaining balance between work place and home, and due to non-uniform sex life. Life goes on well if detected well in advance and taken care of and the problem here is that only one in hundred makes the cut and this, medical scientists and psychologists say, can be attributed to lack of awareness. While cities are at advantage of accommodating time for quality life countrymen are definitely lagging behind their urban populace. This article in parts is interested about letting our fellow citizens know of uses modern health gadgets bring to the table of balance of life. A little to blabber on …. The constraints of an easy and refreshing life of an individual are writ large as more number of unidentified medical allergies and incidental disorders are causing blocks to an otherwise healthy world. Developed and developing worlds post-liberalization and industrialization are at the receiving end what with the very methods that gave stimulus to quality of life started sending dangerous signals, some even delivering casualties at exponential rate. The known and unknown parameters responsible for dire consequences certainly appeared to upset the phenomenal growth this planet had achieved but it also accounted for eruption of health consciousness amongst world fraternity. As a result, health and fitness market assumed centre stage due to increased spending with federal government and emerging economies becoming more vigilant like never before in prioritizing their human resources. What’s worrying us … Conclaves of various health bodies, attended by nation heads, executives of market, and non-profit organizations raised alarms repeatedly and this was just the beginning towards making this planet a better place. And so the stakes became so high that eventually modern Physics had to be in the thick of things for spreading awareness on vital organ performances and failures in case using modern automation and electronic sciences. Medical specialists and neuro-physicists conjured up to bring simple yet sophisticated electronic health devices as a result for rendering inputs and suggestions to individuals who use them. Can something change with electronic advancement? Yes. With internet making inroads and subsequently conventional information processing making way for virtual channel delivery mechanism, it created a business interest among health professionals and electronic manufacturers to efficiently plug the gap and attract consumers who were waiting for quality inputs on health indicators. Now, the digital market is on…
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Applications of modern man and his gadgets – long way to go!

So what are these mobile apps? They help visitors achieve their ends in a short span of time, sometimes in milli seconds, and this extent of help decides sales outcome. Some promotional apps have become even more famous and highly endurable on customer’s user experience than those on sale; the more intuitive and seamless it is with other programs, greater its penetrability. Today’s world is exquisite from the world the past decade. With computing assuming the role of augmenting experience of millions of users every day, mobiles seem to have set an unquestionable lead over their technology counterparts. What’s the need of the hour, therefore, is a combination of unique talent and application of mind to attract up market (yes, the affluent section of society) and mid-level market for any mobile vendor to successfully penetrate into developing economies such as Brazil, China, Russia, India, and the most promising third world countries. As we know and understand that the premise on which smart phones are getting shape and the precedent they are setting in day-to-day business is unbelievable, we go from here gradually in successive updates (on this post and other discussions) to learn how they get designed, level of expertise required to get the best, and the best apps that serve us today. As the user experience of interacting with mobile appeared gradually differing with the experience of smoothing over a website, what made developers and industry leaders apply a new outlook here was that an entirely refreshing way of experiencing mobile perfectly should set the tone, and, from there, they were all set to program and drive users – all with their skill set so much so that user came back multiple times. Materialized a differently tuned software program – the resultant named as mobile app – which is given gentle touch to enrich quality of mobile device. The behind-the-scene running program varies with varying platforms on which these mobile devices are hosted. It all begins with a question set of needs and desires of users cutting across age and public domain. As each device is almost different in enriching miniature computing environment, with some of them even hogging limelight with plaything-like customization, such as Android and iOS, developers need different skill sets to make these apps strike the chord. The fundamental, however, is not to redesign what Apple and Android have already fulfilled.

Position of a Content Writer is decided by written test. Interview is a formality, isn’t it?

Recently, a company interviewed a fresher with BTech degree who wanted to take up content writing as bread winning profession. He got through initial rounds of quizzing, like background information, analytical skill tests, and others before being asked to write on a topic of personal liking and a vaguely perceived topic, “why you should be hired by ____ company”. ScoopLense provides aspirants of content writing who want to make their mark in creative writing and in various fields of electronic-digital and print media with a sample. I am a passionate self-learner of anything that catches my eye of intrigue. To begin with, I would like to brief you about modus operandi of my work profile in parts. Work Quality Content writing is that function which seeks to attract visitors to turn them into potential customers with a business conversion rate of above 1 out of every 10 new visits, and in a way propels Return on Investment on a particular service and/ product, and so a content writer is supposed to act “like a catalyst in a fruitful chemical reaction”. Moderating the words, content writing is the index of online business entity with developing and designing being the backbone of the entity. It is needless to say then, that work flow of content writer regularly needs shift towards growth in unexplored areas for maintaining diversity. Diversity in research methods augments work quality which is essential in bringing more number of visitors. Content writing is a unique skill that needs a consistent blend of thinking at proper pace and finding words to express a particular product or a service of client at hand. This characteristic is always significant feature of my writing! Passion for writing When businesses self-transform into e-commerce sites the most prominent feature that takes them through is effective marketing strategy, of which content is a major driving force. A new visitor to the site, either through organic search of targeted keywords or a random Pay per click route on a third party site, tends to look for something informative and a single click of mouse eventually seals fate of the work of content writer and with it the efforts of business. This is where aptitude of content writer is so crucial and the expressive vocabulary of content remains timely and stays ahead of technical jargon. Passion for writing minimizes redundancy of words which is invariably necessary in bringing clarity to what is being said. My writing is never short of passion! As a matter of fact, I prefer writing content in the wee hours of any day. Urge to excel If knowledge attained through innovative involvement is eternal, so is pursuit of excellence. The work culture nurtured by creativity and passion for writing advances an individual’s urging, and possibly lead one to experiment further in making inroads and creating chances for creative writing! Flexibility in writing I am known among circle of friends and colleagues that I write that which drives home readers. This is quite evident from the…
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Birthday wishes to Sir CV Raman … Blue colour of Mediterranean could inspire a Physicist!

Birthday wishes to the legend who challenged Rayleigh on the nature of clear bluish water surface of Mediterranean sea enroute Bombay. Of course, it was not just visitors worldwide who travelled through the impeccable Mediterranean who were inspired but also some renowned names of science research. This fascination on the globe’s biggest inland sea actually translated into just another modern Physics discovery. The phenomenal Indian would go on to prove scattering of sunlight by liquid molecules after successfully talking about universalization of light effects – sometimes the incident and the scattered light were in different colours – as Raman and KS Krishnan used intense light condensers in Calcutta with only single motive – tap bright sunlight of Calcutta – which is more conducive to experiment with sunlight – the idea of which astounded physicists like JJ Thomson. And then, Sir CV’s obsession with acoustics related to Tabla, Mridangam, Tambura, Violin, and Indian Veena is believed to have an umbrageous effect on his fundamental research interest. His curiosity earned him the Nobel which he envisaged for his effort even before the Academy formally announced his name. Sir C.V. Raman moved on to Vizag (under Madras presidency then and in Andhra Pradesh now) when his father worked at Mrs. AVN College in Visakhapatnam as Physics faculty member. Born in a family which had a sense of belonging in modern logic, Sir Raman seemed greatly interested in optics from the early childhood. His association with Osmania University Science departments in Nizam’s Hyderabad and his rapport with the majestic IISc, where he lured Max Born to the Bangalore based India’s only credible academic and research centre during Hitler period suggests to us that he was a team player and a leader. Bottom Line: Learn anything. Properly. Even if that takes you life time and costs your youthful vigour. Make something out of it. Be useful to society somehow. Even that usefulness accounts for something that breaks slightest of dogma.

Freedom struggle had a vision for a nation in the making called “India”

The country woke up to a fine Friday dawn after the formalities of handing over power with the Imperialist regime went off smoothly. The international elite hailed Indian victory as they believed the Indian resurgence showed what discipline and commitment to achieve noble vision within the constitutional framework would yield – the talked about self-respect and associated self-rule – to other societies living in pathetic conditions of slavery. The Lapse of British Paramountcy ended up bringing some causalities to the self-to-be-declared Indian Republic ambitions, though it seemed India would need kind of administrative guidance from its masters for some more time. There were open discussions as to what would have happened to Indian strategists of development had British stayed back in New Delhi. Probably more damage to Indian aspirations of securing Kashmir as an Indian owned subsidiary, sabotage to reservation plans of vaguely defined backward classes by Ambedkar, who was a victim of unimaginable oppression by upper castes of Vedic land, but who steered himself by steadfast notion of overcoming shortcomings of his birth-based caste and its societal ailments; probably British would have given Kashmir to Muslim League on the lines of partition of Bengal and would have designed a better administrative way of accommodating those sections with a developmental plan. The educated middle class renounced its chaotic imagination of post-education life that stagnated its walk of life, for a fair return of employment and creature comforts. Society was more like religious entities. They played major role in bringing rural uneducated youth towards common rallying point against British. For many, Raja Rammohun Roy and Ishwar Chandra Vidya Sagar were sources of inspiration for rattling the social superstitions as this inward treatment was necessary for social reformers to cleanse religious structural flaws. Bipan Chandra’s famous “India’s Struggle for Independence” from Penguin Books even expresses doubts as to what would have happened to Indian society, dominated by Muslims for most part in the modern era, had sepoy revolt in 1857 succeeded; the book further narrates how various stances of nationalist congress leaders, socialism, moderatism, secularism, and secularism-socialism, had contributed in formulating Indian foreign policy with “anti-imperialist and anti-racial” outlook even as successive GGs tried to picturise freedom struggle as “sole interest of the upper class Indians” to secure business and self-striving interests (which was overtaken by extremism for some period – whenever a successful British operation to foil Indian designs of Home Rule occured, and some Hindu fundamentalists tried to hijack the national freedom movement in the meanwhile with little success, in stirring up religious sentiments for achieving educated and interested elite support). Nowadays, with agile technology at hand and with a surge in rational mindset, even more number of doubts are being expressed. An average class academician wonders if India is better in maintaining celebrated democracy or it has crashed to take its citizens to dismay and non-reasoned aggression as is evident from the growing demands for secession within integrated princely territories due to growing number of administrative and political mishaps and…
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Is weight loss on your menu?

Body weight is an important characteristic, an alteration in which has profound impact on the human body. When any vital human aspect like weight can impress body periodically it is natural that its growth and decay require our ultra care. Balancing act of acquired and required energy levels together with the amount of calories burned, has become a perennial problem for many and in most cases, the biggest evil is ignorance or lack of assessment in identifying the root cause for over -weight and under -weight. Anyone can achieve the balance in weight with a little knowledge of physiology coupled with determined efforts to strike a chord. The word ‘Weight Loss’ has become a global buzzword in today’s marketing world, chief thanks to the increased intake of processed food augmented enough by insufficient physical activity and researchers across the globe are out to show how inadvertently the excess weight carries forward itself with hidden health hazards, which eventually brings a grinding halt to one’s life. While no one can rule out efficacy the processed food has brought in for ultra high quality the present generation is enjoying, the sweet corner has been found to be missing the other side of the coin, the imbalance in calorie supply. We shall now head to the best ways to achieve weight loss and they are easier to follow. Your BMI (Body Mass Index) should let you know where you exactly stand in obesity table. 1. Proper sleep: Make it a habit to sleep for 6 – 8 hours a day at scheduled time. Look at your sleep chart and modify it as medical scientists appear to have established a connection between untimely sleep and abnormal weight gain due to discrepancies in leptin and ghrelin, which are responsible for suppressing and stimulating hunger. 2. Exercise: Take the help of simple yogic postures. They will apply more pressure on abdomen resulting in a better digestive tract. Exercise in any form will help to reduce excess fat and tone your body to perfection. 3. Right food: Eat lively food. Yes, there are foods that die quickly and lose vitamins, minerals essential for routine activities and which increase unnecessary cholesterol. Try to take boiled vegetables, fruit salads in excess which will improve resistance to diseases. Avoid taking crispy-chocolate cookies and high end milk products during snack. .. to be continued

Pleasure of reading, that’s costly dude!

Why a printed book, and not a Portable Document Format (PDF) of the same personal (or official) perspectives you wanted to have a look at? All of us must have perambulated a library during under graduation days; a book stall at least once in a month during classes 11 and 12; a journal stand by the roadside skipping our untrustworthy random commitments to meet up with friends for a bash, to give ourselves a toast of austere expression; the incredible joyous find, after watching over suited headline of a new arrival amongst those in line, following with an impromptu pick up, slowly turning first few pages without doing any harm whatsoever to its cover page, letting nostrils feel of fresh print, going by the author’s deftness and contradicting him soon after, giving him applause for he strictly followed our lofty view, talking him down for he carried point of view we wouldn’t like to grasp, is what one should not miss, for it carries our continual thinking experience. While thinking and acting are entirely different in real world, as they should be, it is the mode and age of thinking that sets the tone for any initiative. And this is why lover of any noble pursuit, even that much facilitates a gradual alteration of stances for learning of one living person, appears to have his favourite book ahead of computers and fancy gadgets.

If the 29th state of Indian Parliamentary democracy becomes a reality, which place would suit for Capital City of Andhra?

Here’s a bite of criticism on design of capital of Andhra Pradesh (published by C. Ramachandraiah, CESS, who had M.Sc. from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, and Ph.D. from JNU, New Delhi, in Geography, in the commentary division of Economic and Political Weekly) with most pointers indicating impracticality insofar as appearance of Amaravati, the name assigned to administrative-to-be in an area of not less than a space of Hyderabad Metro Development Authority, is concerned, alongside exaggerated assumptions on population influx and employment generation. Adding to this alleged misplaced calculation is the proxy approximation of expanding Vijayawada Police Commissionerate into the largest police jurisdiction of the country, perhaps matching up Delhi Commissioner ambit, according to local daily Eenadu. As a matter of fact, the incumbent of Vijayawada Police Commissioner Office remained an officer of rank of Deputy Inspector General (DIG) and that of Visakhapatnam Police Commissioner Office  an officer of rank of Inspector General (IG) till 2nd of June, 2014, when AP and Telangana were formed officially. Additional Source: http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/lead/eye-on-capital-loss-in-vision/article7119521.ece (Eye on Capital, Loss in vision) 10, September 2014. The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Nara Chandrababu Naidu announced his government’s decision to set up administrative and political capital in a range of 100 kilo meters from Vijayawada, the second biggest city in truncated Andhra Pradesh, after deliberations within the Telugu Desam Party elite membership and after gazing public mood which was in favour of decentralization in core areas of development and prosperity. Mr. Naidu also announced many sops for Visakhapatnam city and the two other districts in north coastal areas, besides some developmental plans for Rayalaseema region in which the treasury bench didn’t seem to have engaged its think tank for long term. Information Technology signature tower on the lines of one in Hyderabad, Electronic mega cluster on the lines of one in Bengaluru, and small and medium scale industries on the lines of Mumbai – all in Visakhapatnam area, also featured in Mr. Naidu’s speech in the assembly session. CRDA under N. Srikanth, IAS, has been functioning in tandem with aspirations of Mr. Naidu and his council of ministers to build a world class capital city that could perhaps match ambience of Singapore and European cities as the state government has sent strong signals indicating its commitment to preserve green world where rich flora and agricultural fields have made the delta region the rice bowl of India. It remains to be seen if the master plan gets under way within the stipulated deadline when Mr. Narendra Modi and few important dignitaries might be present for the implementation work. October 22, 2015 has been set the date for launching capital building project which would see participation of higher echelons of union government and head of Singapore. Further details regarding exactness of master plan and work would be published here during Vijaya Dasami. 07, December 2013. A committee will be set up to examine ideal location for capital city of Andhra Pradesh and will submit its findings within forty five days of Andhra Pradesh…
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Marks and Ranks.. truth is education is about them. R.I.P. Plato’s work on education!

A keen follower of trends in current academic scenario has some point here ..  OBTAINING MARKS or RANKS (RUN SETTERS) Part I I personally thank you for showing interest to view this blog…(which is one among millions! One among very few TO ponder though!!!) I had had many and many discussions, with most of them failing to make a conclusion or should we go further, produced NOT even a single fruit. And when I had at times decided to go for the kill on parallels they’d left the ‘scene of original debate’ and showed ZERO-RESILIENCE with a sharp U-TURN which had initiated the presentation of this e-version on how education is being gambled!  Well, I do not wish to collide with toppers in this section, but collude with those who wish to encourage competitive excellence rather than an ON(E)-DAY glitterance after being termed as a ‘Run-getter’( can’t align Tendulkar in this phrase ) upon scoring 550s, 550+ etc,.at 10th Standard and 900-950s, 900-950+, at Intermediate or +2 . And I take the advantage provided by BITSAT, annually conducted by BITS after it went through a thorough analysis of “why students with those TOPPER tags can’t (rather aren’t performing) perform ‘at least’ academic rituals, if not getting 8 / + CG per semester?” Getting a mere 6 / 7 CG doesn’t suit their marks’ bandwidth @ Inter/ +2! This’s an important point to be noted down. And see the difference…Students who notched better positions OR missed by a whisker @IIT-JEE and AIEEE dominated the proceedings at BITSAT, Didn’t they? Then Marks are for what? …. Only to rank ourselves with our sheer mediocrity (rather by eminent institutions which thoroughly screen and admit suitable students) on par with ‘Hard laborers’ who churn out mid-night oil to crack one of the best in the business, the IITs, probably NITs, and BITS-like institutes(acknowledged all across Asia and even by professors of acclaim in this planet) ; and when it comes to our state business (State entrances) probably CBIT, M S RAMAIAH (Bangalore) across Southern corridor, and institutes of repute across India like DCE, NSIT of UOD, Delhi. Marks determine the candidate’s suitability (rather efficiency or brilliance coupled with exceptional zeal) to compete with the dynamics of already proven LAWS/ EQUATIONS provided in quality-packed, thought-provoking TEXTS. Marks do not certify a student’s originality and logical skills. This’s my concluding remark.  And it’s not all over if you don’t get entry into IIMs/IITs/NITs….They give you insights into how practical you should be in acads., NOT in life (?!!!)….for I have seen many people with attitudinal malaise, this cannot be countered because those ‘big guns’ don’t lend ears to these remarks….Yup! For attaining glory there are numerous careers…You have some 3 to 4 decades (STILL!) of valuable time and space to use and render service to the society you are taking breath in……at least to your native land or in the long run to your own ‘soul’!   IT ALL DEPENDS ON HOW WE LOOK AT THINGS….Wait, meanwhile, MHRD…
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