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Is weight loss on your menu?

Body weight is an important characteristic, an alteration in which has profound impact on the human body. When any vital human aspect like weight can impress body periodically it is natural that its growth and decay require our ultra care. Balancing act…
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If the 29th state of Indian Parliamentary democracy becomes a reality, which place would suit for Capital City of Andhra?

Here’s a bite of criticism on design of capital of Andhra Pradesh (published by C. Ramachandraiah, CESS, who had M.Sc. from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, and Ph.D. from JNU, New Delhi, in Geography, in the commentary division of Economic and…
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Marks and Ranks.. truth is education is about them. R.I.P. Plato’s work on education!

A keen follower of trends in current academic scenario has some point here ..  OBTAINING MARKS or RANKS (RUN SETTERS) Part I I personally thank you for showing interest to view this blog…(which is one among millions! One among very few…
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Optional Subjects will stay with Civils Main Written for 2013. 2075 Marks in place of 2300! Keep a copy of Syllabus with you!

UPSC Changes CSP date 26, May 2013

Here are the excerpts of the Civils Changes notified by the Commission for Main Written 2013. It is advised to be wary of the incorporated new elements in the examination syllabus. KEEP A COPY OF THE ENTIRE NOTIFICATION PRINT OUT…
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Civils Preliminary on 26 May, 2013. New Civils Mains pattern to concentrate on General Studies!

28, February 2013. Much awaited changes seem to have finally arrived at the centre stage with the UPSC finally getting the break through in fast forwarding Mains pattern like never before. UPSC sources say, local daily Sakshi claims, the nod for…
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