Mastering English from curiosity for things. CC:The Hindu readers and Cricket lovers.

English. That one stupid who teaches you how to unleash emotions in multiple flavours. How to master this double edged yet seemingly professional language in a simple manner is actually a big business idea. Business houses of repute for teaching English never seem to have run out of master plans to weave a web around insecure job applicants, make no mistake. Chief thanks to myriad sources available nowadays as online and offline, any serious task master can learn and eventually master British English (we’re not trying to suffocate US tourist pipelines with single fact in mind – a colony of the British imperialism till 1776 or the famous Boston Tea Party!).



List of things to do. Wait!

Words are often taken for granted; innovations of the world have always been spruced up first by careful arrangement of emotions - in words. Creative team of a firm called White Thoughts in Hyderabad displays how it sees the world.

Photo Credit: To be acquired from WHITE THOUGHTS Inc., Hyderabad. Words are often taken for granted; innovations of the world have always been spruced up first by careful arrangement of emotions – in words. Creative team of a firm called White Thoughts in Hyderabad displays how it sees the world.

So, the new year has arrived with many expectations. Have you yet decided on anything new? Or just reading the list for the “2015 to do” for the second time? Think about it. Well, for the moment we can wish our Indian contingents to make it happen at Rio Olympics with a happy and perfect year full of medals and improved performances where peers steal the show and hard work with smartness!

Some top quotes from “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma reflect the power of positive thinking engrossed in human mind, and when streamlined its efficacy in synchronizing heart and mind for growth. All the best!

“There’s a purpose behind everything that has ever happened to you and everything that will ever happen to you”

“What lies in front of you and behind you is nothing when compared to what lies within you”

“And how can any more go in .. until you first empty your cup? (referring to mind’s obsession to remain preoccupied with the precedent My cup is overflowing. No matter how hard you try, no more will go in)”

“Every event has a purpose and every setback its lesson”

“Failure is essential to personal expansion”

“Never regret past, rather embrace it as the teacher that it is”

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears”

Happy New Year 2016!

Santhosh, ScoopLense.

Wish our readers and well wishers a very happy and prosperous new year 2016!


Credit: Santhosh, ScoopLense, in arrangement with Yoga Consciousness Trust, Vizag. Daily-health-regimen-and-routine-for-Yoga-practice-suggested-by-Yoga-Consciousness-Trust

May this new year year prove to be sufficient in all respects, of health, wealth, study, business, and growing sense of belonging and prosperity!

We have been fortunate enough to live on this planet – a summation of known and unknown forces that cause and enliven living and non living organisms, which in turn make this place a better one to breathe easy. The world as it appears, therefore, is collective effort for continuous evolution. Galaxies we have heard about through books (Milky Way System) are nothing but composition of species – of both gargantuan and atomic scale, which comfortably remind us a calculus way of looking and solving mysteries and problems engulfing mankind; you add up one after another till you reach your known goal post, in mathematics or in real life, only to put them apart to see if you can rearrange them again. How beautiful yet complex it is!

As a morale booster, ScoopLense reminds you of a small fact, that turning on to new year is just another addition to your way of adding up numbers in life to make that life of yours a countable set in terms of years – perhaps liveable years, slightly different from surviving. Count now on ward how many years you have managed to survive and live on your own – financially, socially, individually, and as a human.

Be a force of reckoning!

Size Zero 2015: Content is zero.

Preview Anushka Shetty needs no introduction of her fame and characteristic diversity. When she first announced she would like to don a role of a chubby girl with extra weight, there appeared a sense of belonging in her approach as right candidate for highlighting woman issues. Teasers released later on gave us a hint of what’s in store for us – teaser of emotions with unearthing of sentiments of fatty women who find it difficult to cope up with being labelled a burden on parents. Postures of Anushka alongside Arya tried to make this one a block buster. Music by M.M. Keeravani enticed audience. And finally, was the story by Kanika Kovelamudi written to highlight issues pertaining to weight loss and subsequent marriage sufficiency or just a marketing trick to woo audience?

Kumari 21F: Ask your spouses their definition, domain, and range of maturity. CC: Sukumar writings

Santhosh, ScoopLense.

Introduction The message is simple from Sukumar from Kumari 21F directed by his student and assistant Surya Prathap. Sukumar had earlier directed Arya, 100% Love, and Nenokkadine (One) to a very good applause from class and mass audience and as one could see in presenting emotions he appeared set to stand out from the rest of the cut, and so it’s expected from Kumari 21F a symbolism of womanhood as the title itself speaks of an unmarried female at age 21. The female lead in the movie talks about maturity on numerous occasions and lack of cohesion in applying mind to unconditional love. In this age of liberalization, privatization, and globalization (LPG), it’s quite uncommon to find purity in love and bonding, especially between two adolescents with no blood relation, chief thanks to competitive edge forcedly imposed on human beings to an extent of becoming robots aided by fast food culture and misuse of technology.

Message from the movie – Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics of understanding

The relationship between two adolescents falling in love must be invariable. Mathematically speaking, the love channel is directly proportional to the level of understanding of fluctuations of the said minds, and chemically speaking it’s about enhancing the bond angle between two minds dying for each other, and quantum notionally any loss of energy in trust in the partner would automatically result in spiralling path of en electron into nucleus (call it potential energy or increase in kinetic energy as the electron moves closer to nucleus). The theory that an electron would have crashed into nucleus was rejected straight away by observers of quantum as the theory of black body radiation was developed. And Modern Physics took birth with eventually many suspicions experimentally proven practically wrong. Basic point here is that theories of understanding of nature may be infinite, and, as one reduces contradictions and confrontations one by one with results that can lead to insights which are open to testimony one enters into realm of pattern with which nature was operating since time immemorial. And that’s what you see in science. As Richard Feynman, the century’s best theoretical physicist put forwarded the view in his famous Feynman’s Lectures on Physics that Mathematics and love are not science to prove them wrong or right as test of their validity is not an experiment, we can say that love is neither science nor fiction. Sukumar wanted something to establish and we’ll see how his director traversed the path. Was he successful in establishing his writer’s theory?

Plot and Screenplay

A female named Kumari proposes the moment she spots a joe named Siddhu, who dreams of making it to Singapore as chef. She says that love at first sight surfaces as a result of a chain of chemical reactions as catalysts in brain of an individual trigger these only and only (iff condition) when their eyes sport an intriguing person of such an intensity – all within 0.2 seconds. Hero Siddhu reveals this phenomenon to his friends who are any but humans going by their way of living and thinking standards. These wayward individuals earn money by all but legal and official means, partake looted money with Siddhu for a return of delicious recipes and drink, and pass on time unproductively. This barter is not unusual in movies of this genre as love and crime are generally related; if the crime is not physical it can be psychological in the name of caste and religion.

Siddhu gets confused with the behaviour of the girl, who preaches time and again that maturity is beyond the norm and accepted notions of prejudices on mating, cooing and possessiveness of woman/man. The irony with this girl is that, after preaching her boy friend the ABC of maturity, she is seen jealous when Siddhu runs after another girl as a means of retort – behaves ingratiatingly with other girl. And as curtains begin to fall, the boy friend of this girl friend realizes his mother’s perceptional blunder in understanding their bread winner (Siddhu’s mother leaves her husband for she misconstrues him in a photograph) and reaches his girl only to find her in an unconscious state after rape. This rape is committed by none other than his friends and it turns out that blood stains on her saree show just not to the hero but also the world that she was physically virgin till that day.

Before concluding this plot, It’s customary on my part to write a situation in the part II wherein girl character offers condom packet with a warm send off and requests her boy friend to narrate intimate moments with the second girl character of this movie. This irks boy friend character as he finds himself in catch 22 situation. Again comes the thesis that maturity is about understanding and liking each other regardless of mistakes in the past. I personally thank the director for not showing the barbarous act of hero’s friends in the end.

Analysis of screenplay and deviation from socio-economic ecology of India; and basic deviation of message of Sukumar

So, what is the message that Sukumar wanted us to recognize, or, perhaps discover something revolutionary? Practically, it’s nothing beyond crossing of ways of imagination among boys and girls of teenage. The movie’s title is apt as it narrates a heavenly matured girl talking of truth which no boy of her age would like to agree – with glaring exceptions.

Love between a boy and a girl is blind and is unconditional.

Let’s examine further. Take for example profiles listed out on the much followed marriage portal (mirage perhaps?) You’ll find numerous instances of immaturity and categorization of humans by sensitive elements – like caste, sub caste, gothra, place of birth, and educational qualification, and, we’re not even talking about money disparities for nature sake. Some profiles indicate their inbuilt money lending nature – on the lines of Shylock in the novel Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare. Parents imbibe progeny, that is the mirrors of their image and consciousness, within their psychological framework which may be fragile or agile. All the actions are triggered by a channel called thought. According to Socrates, a mind talking to itself is summarized as thought which necessitates action for a fair (or reasonable) return of something – resources, happiness, avenge, or nothing. An action can be random, so can be a thought.

  • Human existence is nothing without institution of family and its off springs. Incubation in hostile terrains leads off springs to develop polarization on sensitive issues, where objectivity is arrived at after considerable thought process. Pleasant ecological system with no room for imbalance is therefore highly advisable.
  • Prolonged misuse of heritage of infections, such as flesh-caste virus, religious bigotry, regional bias, can not be treated overnight as notions already enter into brain during its developing stage. Early streamlining is therefore highly advisable.
  • Universe started its way millions of years ago. All actions, necessitated by thoughts of bigotry, ill will, and institutions which supported them in the name of culture tailored to a section, individual, were all corrected by reformers, revolutions of intelligentsia, and mass uprisings.

We read certain provisions guaranteed under constitution of India, such as dowry is an offence; untouchability is so and so offence; subject to judicial intervention.


Puttaparthy: Visit to Prashanti Nilayam is an experience of its kind.

On the occasion of Satya Sai Baba’s birthday celebrations reaching peak on the 23rd of November, we take a look at streets of Puttaparthy, Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh in India.


Kamal Haasan’s Cheekati Rajyam 2015 Telugu: Sheer merit in terms of acting prowess!

Santhosh, ScoopLense.

Some situational dialogues for your understanding..(in  Telugu)


కమల్ భార్య భర్తని, “ఇప్పుడు టైం ఎంత అయ్యింది?”
మొబైల్ ఫోన్ చూసి చెప్పేలోపు అటు నుంచి ఇంకొ ప్రశ్న, ” వాచీ చూసి చెప్పొచ్చుగా?!”
కమల్ వాచీ ఎడమ  చేతిలో వుందన్న విషయాన్ని మర్చి మనలో చాలా మందిలాగే చేయటం ఆయన అర్థాంగికి నచ్చదు. భార్య ప్రేమతోనో మరే భావనతోనో అలా మాట్లాడటాన్ని భర్త బయట జీర్ణించుకోలేడు. అదొక చిన్న సంగతే కానీ మనస్తత్వ విశ్లేషణ చేసేవాళ్లకి ఆ సన్నివేశ సంభాషణ నచ్చుతుంది.


కమల్ భార్య భర్తని కోప్పడుతూనే, “వాడు నీ కొడుకేగా”

“అది నాకు డౌటే లేదు” ఇటునుంచి కౌంటర్ వెటకారం.


నైట్ లైఫ్ నడుపుతున్న ప్రకాశ్ రాజ్ క్లబ్ లో బాగా మత్తెక్కిన వ్యక్తి,
” సార్, ఆ సినిమా మనకి నచ్చలేదు డిస్ట్రిబ్యూటరుగా. అందుకే రిలీజ్ అడ్డుకున్నాను.
ఇప్పుడూ నువ్వు పెద్ద హీరోవే, ఒప్పుకున్నాం, నువ్వు పెద్ద హీరోవే. అయితే మాత్రం మెసేజ్ ఇవ్వడానికి నువ్వెవరు? నువ్వు చెప్తే నేను వినాలా? ఏవో కొన్ని ఫైట్లు, సాంగులు, డ్యాన్సులు చేసుకో, ఎంజాయ్ చెయ్య్.

A bit about Kamal’s roles …

Universal hero Kamal Haasan has been a mercurial man with the greatest sense for cinema as is evident from the diversity of characters he portrayed so far. He surpassed his own generation and is a stiff challenge for current generation artists even after hovering 60 plus, chief thanks to articulation in roles and specialization of each cinema without ever worrying about its box office records. His stints in various movies as comedian, stint master, classical dancer, freedom fighter with revenge, orthodox rookie, country labourer, to name a few, have been universal. Vishwaroopam has been rated as one of the wonderful movies ever watched by former home minister of India  Mr. L.K. Advani.

Now that the hero is on a mission to complete Vishwaroopam II, the current movie Cheekati Rajyam is apparently a lower bite of his professionalism though managed to get closer to his perfect past. Movie is about an officer of Narcotics Control Bureau involving in a covert operation to identify backstabber in the department and as he just manages to get clues, Prakash Raj kidnaps the boy and the rest of the operation is about how Kamal goes hand in hand with affection for his son and passion for his duty. His wife in the movie is as casual as one could see in neighbourhoods. Madhu Shalini looked as if she were partnering Kamal in lip lock tentatively, and Asha Sharath played the substance of a divorced wife who would maintain contact with ex-husband just for boy’s sake.

Abburi Ravi made conversations involving sensitive relationships look easy and Kamal himself did the dubbing part, while Ghibran’s rendering was good mostly. Of course, this is from Kamal Haasan! Before moving over from here, wish you a happy weekend as we’re in the first quarter of two days for refreshing souls!

Rating: Want some illustration of acting? Go and see with family members!

VVS Laxman made his test debut today 19 years ago. Class was redesigned. CC: Raina, Rohit, Kohli generation.

Santhosh, ScoopLense.

And that was another Wednesday morning of November 1996 that got up to a good morning from sensuous cold wave in India. At the rearer part of west coast was Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel stadium in Motera, Ahmedabad keenly awaiting the visitor in Hansie Cronje, the man who almost threw away the Wills World Cup only months ago by choosing to bowl first against Richie Richardson’s West Indies at National Stadium in Karachi on the morning of the third quarter final match. As the legend went across breadth and length of sub continent it was over confidence and higher degree of adrenaline that Hansie and his safari men would have to contend with, slightly more than what the might of West Indies’ pace and strategy would have challenged as South Africa successfully continued its losing streak just when things mattered in a multinational tournament. That was 1996 and it’s a surprise that world’s beatable team crumbles even today as it did against New Zealand’s Grant Elliot at Eden Park in Auckland six months ago. And what a coincidence!

Back to where we began. India started off its innings as if batsmen were still juggling around to find strong coffee. Slightly after an hour, the six feet and a bit larger figure named Vangivarapu Venkata Sai Laxman, who got himself imbibed with all that matters – perseverance and potential – in Hyderabad Gymkhana grounds walked into bat against hefty names in Fanie de Villiers, Allan Donald, Brian McMillan, Lance Klusener, Pat Symcox, Nicky Boje, and the one and only Adams. The last name, of course, became familiar more for his spiralling ball throwing ability than the off break. The Indian side under Sachin Tendulkar introduced to the world of cricket the demeanour that would in half a decade become nemesis for Aussie juggernaut under Steve Waugh, the man whose introduction is simply a waste of time but in that a delightful distraction to the generations to come.

This post is part of tribute series to game’s own men. Other post can be read here on Kapil Dev.

Children will remain intact throughout, hearts unlikely. CC: Parents and Teachers.

A happy children’s day to all kids who are wearing masks of fertility, growth, fame, and age.

Scenic cricket venues set to have a blast in white and white. CC: Visakhapatnam.

Dr. Y.S.  Rajasekhara Reddy Andhra Cricket Association - Visakhapatnam District Cricket Association International Cricket Stadium in the midst of hills and thick green cover along the Golden Quadrilateral National Highway near Madhurawada in Vizag makes it pitch perfect to host Australia or England in 2016-17.

Photo Courtesy: Santhosh, ScoopLense. 2011. Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy Andhra Cricket Association – Visakhapatnam District Cricket Association International Cricket Stadium in the midst of hills and thick green cover along the Golden Quadrilateral National Highway near Madhurawada in Vizag makes it pitch perfect to host Australia or England in 2016-17. This is where Mahendra Singh Dhoni blasted 148 off 123 balls in April 2005 against Pakistan.

Cricket stadiums in Pune, Rajkot, Indore, Visakhapatnam, Ranchi, and Dharamsala have been declared eligible to host visiting teams in the longer version of the game. While Pune is the third venue in Maharashtra to get the iconic test status and Rajkot the second in Gujarat, other venues are the first of such kind in their respective states. India will host Bangladesh (one test), New Zealand (3 tests), England (5 tests), Australia (4 tests) starting August 2016 till February 2017. As England and Australia are heavy weight test nations which will demand best grounds with best tourist facilities, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Mohali might get better of the new venues, and Hyderabad and Ahmedabad will most likely host England in December 2016. Pune should get ready if Delhi fails to obtain permission to host South Africa now and Ranchi will likely host New Zealand in 2016, while Vizag and Dharamshala might get surprise tourist – either accommodate one of Australia’s four test match venues or Bangladesh’s one off test match series. ICC standards for test match venues require, inter alia, best lighting facility and large umpires and lounge rooms, and as the test teams arrive at least two days prior to start of matches and likely to stay an additional day star hotel accommodation also assumes prominence.