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Mandate Bihar 2015: Relevant to BJP in centre or Significant to caste and regional aspirations?

Santhosh, ScoopLense. So, where did the equation go wrong with the BJP, to cast a shadow on its own with support from RSS and lambaste from intellectual society? What is the lesson sent out to BJP and how close is … Continue reading

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Amaravati: What’s in store for Andhra Pradesh Inc. CC: Visakhapatnam

Santhosh, ScoopLense. Refer here http://www.scooplense.com/if-the-29th-state-of-indian-parliamentary-democracy-becomes-a-reality-which-place-would-suit-for-capital-city-of-andhra-2/ At the stroke of 1240 IST today, that is on Dusserha, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi laid out foundation stone for new capital city at Guntur near Vijayawada planned by government of Andhra Pradesh under … Continue reading

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Development of nation: On the economic circle, inside the economic circle, and outside the economic circle

The term is not under draft anymore at any treasury benches, either with union cabinet ministry note or with private household’s cabinet where some money is kept online and liquid cash offline; and it may not be published for public … Continue reading

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Delhi has decided: What it means for BJP and AAP

Magnitude of AAP's command over Delhi fort!

February 10, 2015. 1041 IST. Incidentally, today (that’s 10 February) is observed as National Deworming Day by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, GoI, to cleanse digestive tract. A shock that has surprised everyone – including the Aam Aadmi Party the … Continue reading

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