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Mandate Bihar 2015: Relevant to BJP in centre or Significant to caste and regional aspirations?

Santhosh, ScoopLense. So, where did the equation go wrong with the BJP, to cast a shadow on its own with support from RSS and lambaste from intellectual society? What is the lesson sent out to BJP and how close is … Continue reading

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Your social profile is different from your social media profile. Let’s accept!

Battle for capital Delhi, 2015, The Hindu's Sunday news the same day when Australia handed crushing defeat to England in a match that could well serve as pointer to World Cup promising contests!

So, have you seen today’s newspaper? Where has important news come from? Which cornered item has caught your eye which you think should have been blabbered in lieu of other insignificant spice? And why is your favourite news hand picked … Continue reading

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Mukunda 2014 Telugu – A movie with a message and a question!

Mukunda 2014 Telugu More than anything else this movie had all the ingredients to push a movie buff to cinema theatre. First and major ingredient being lineage of debutant Varun Tej, and with heroine Pooja Hegde’s enjoyable demeanour on wall … Continue reading

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