This was always on the cards! Indian cricket fans would do well to introspect.

Cheers, Srilanka! You have shown Indian think tank the upcoming picture at Kingsmead in Durban!


శ్రీలంకని ఓ ఆట ఆడుకుందామనుకున్న బోర్డుకి, విశ్రాంతి తీసుకున్న నెపంతో వేడుక చూద్దామనుకున్న ధోని వారసుడికి లంకేయులు ఈడెన్ గార్డెన్సులోనే చేదు గుళికలు తినిపించారు. దానితో కనీసం మిగతా టెస్టుల్లోనైనా పరువు నిలుపుకుందామనుకున్న భారత్ బోర్డు వ్యూహం కాస్తా పక్కకి జరిగింది. ఈడెన్ గార్డెన్సులో లంక వెలుతురులేమి సాయంతో గట్టెక్కిందన్నది వేరే విషయం. ఇదే తరహా జట్టు చేతిలో ఇంగ్లాండ్ పిచ్ మీద భారత్ దారుణ పరాజయం మూట కట్టుకుందన్న విషయాన్ని సాధారణ ప్రేక్షకుడికి గుర్తు చేయాల్సిన పని లేదు. గుర్తుండాల్సిన పని లేదు. ఆ తరహా ప్రేక్షకులు కేవలం ఆటని వినోదంగానే చూస్తారు. వాళ్లందరికి బ్యాటింగంటే కొన్ని సిక్సులు, బౌండరీలు, అప్పుడప్పుడు రనౌట్లు, బౌలింగ్ అంటే వికెట్లు గిరాటేయడం, ఫీల్డింగ్ అంటే సో-కాల్డ్ గాల్లో క్యాచ్లందుకోవడం. ఇంతకీ ఇంత ఉపోద్ఘాతం ఇచ్చాక గుర్తొచ్చి చచ్చిందా? చాంపియన్సు ట్రోఫీలో!    

Indian captain Virat Kohli will have spun the coin at Newlands in Cape Town on the occasion of New Year’s test match of South Africa.   

The problem is NOT with the Indian contingent which assembled on Sunday morning at Dharamshala; they looked appalling on a beautiful wicket with plenty of grass. I mean to say this wasn’t something that’s unfamiliar to all those buffs glued to TV. Grass in India was quite a common a sight to all those pundits out there in the middle; I mean to infer, or refer, rather than feel inferior about anything outsmarting any ’ness’ that is suffixed with ‘India’. What do I mean to infer, then? NOT A THING in actuality. 

This is what ESPN Cricinfo has to say on the below-par performance shortly after the match concluded.

”Lesser-skilled teams’ best chances of competing are in conditions that skew the balance towards the bowlers – spin or seam. In 26 ODIs in 2017, most of which were played on flat surfaces, Sri Lanka managed to win just four. But in Dharamsala, Sri Lanka’s seamers, led by Suranga Lakmal, used swinging and seaming conditions to rip through a tentative India batting line-up for 112, setting up a seven-wicket rout that also snapped their 12-game losing streak in ODIs. When Lakmal finished with figures of 10-4-13-4 to leave India at 29 for 7, it didn’t look like the innings would last 38.2 overs. But MS Dhoni shepherded the tail with a calculated 65 to prevent India from the ignominy of falling to the lowest ODI total. Even though India started well in the defense, their total was decidedly under-par as Sri Lanka hunted down the target with 29.2 overs to spare.

In the fresh mountain air of Dharamsala, Sri Lanka’s opening bowlers, Lakmal and Angelo Mathews, repeatedly hit the perfect length: just fuller than good. On a surface with sufficient but not exaggerated lateral movement, that length becomes even harder to negate. Batsmen are indecisive with their footwork and therefore shot selection.

Shikhar Dhawan prefers to dominate bowlers from the outset, particularly with cross-batted strokes. He hung back to Mathews, who angled full deliveries away from his leaden-footed drives. Then, Mathews swerved one back into Dhawan to beat his inside edge, striking him in front of middle. Sri Lanka had umpire Simon Fry’s not-out decision overturned on review to complete the perfect one-two play. Of late, Dhoni often consumes too many balls while starting his innings, but India’s dire situation fit his template today. He charged down off his first ball, displaying an intent and a clear plan to negate the swing that no other batsman had.

One of Dhoni’s biggest – and well-documented – assets is his productivity with the tail. In Kuldeep Yadav’s company, he chose only the errant deliveries to score. He used his typical bottom-hand power to place the ball particularly into gaps through cover, midwicket and backward square leg. He eventually sliced a lofted drive off Thisara Perera to be last man out, not before making close to 60% of India’s runs from No. 6. With India’s opening bowlers also generating appreciable seam movement both ways, it seemed like Dhoni had carried India not too far away from a fighting score.”

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