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Ram Mohun Roy

Born to two ‘Brahmin by birth’ souls practicing vaishnava and shakta (the preserver and the mother energy of universe) on the 22nd of May, in Bengal (the intellectual renaissance of India till this minute), where state of confusion daunted dormant sense as to why there were many differences in the same casteĀ and in the same religion despite everyone preaching God’s availability to devotees to be uniform notwithstanding theories abound, Rammohun Roy started concentrating on the reform work quietly after going through initial rounds of information borrowing. Unlike his contemporaries who wanted to relinquish India for the fear of colonial hegemony and due to some extent poverty coupled with superstitious submission and polarization, Roy began with the common sense – find something that you lost where you lost only – and what followed became history.

The real face of unreal education

Unfortunately, scholars these days and academic pundits concentrate on diploma instead of raising education standards. Had he been alive around when Woods Dispatch on education was set up, it would have been different scenario altogether. Rest on ScoopLense site. Time to think of education in place of pretentious education! India needs real education, NOT educational certificates from university examination system.


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