Oscar Pistorius

Ravi Teja MandapakaEditor, ScoopLense.

Shrewd reality of heroism

Guilt, repentance and moaning. A foible peep into the court hall, dressed in a grey track suit tells the story of a man who overcame the horrid pains and earned a rare respect in a nation of varied racial divides. His was a story every one would love to read, get inspired and eulogize. He is now a man counting the rods behind the bars.

It really demands that extra something from you to talk about a man who started life in misfortunes and nothing but misfortunes. Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius, a now man, was born with “Fibular Heminelia”, a syndrome where the fibula or the calf bone formation doesn’t take place. As methods like Lengthening Surgeries and Corrective Osteomy (wherein a bone is cut to lengthen, shorten or change its alignment) are unaffordable and ineffective, Henke and Sheila, parents of this boy came up with a decision that would change his life forever. They took their lovable boy to the clinic at his personal age of two years only to get his two limbs amputated. Regarding their decision of fortitude, his mother Sheila wrote a letter to go through in his later life quoting

A looser isn’t the person that gets involved and comes last, but the one who doesn’t get involved”.

Midst all these happenings our little Pistorius stood calm and was unscathed wearing a decent smile on his cute handsome face. By the age of two, he mastered the art of using prosthetic legs. Let me make a point here. Prosthetic limbs demand that extra bit of strength every time you put a foot. So, for this, this man is living a life through pain. (A personal milestone). Back to the point. Though an athletic talent, Oscar started his career through rugby. He took athletics when an injury pushed out from the rugby field onto to that of athletics. This happened a decade ago. One step at a time, he rose to the status of “inspiration” running with his carbon fiber blades or the so called cheetah blades. Six of gold, one of silver and a medal bronze at the Paralympics. That’s how far this kid from “Sandton, South Africa”, went on to. Not only did he fight a personal trauma but also a legal battle to compete with able bodied athletes and succeed both ways. However, as time in its own perch would pass on, the swinish and belligerent mood of Oscar took to the center stage. Sport teaches humility, patience, character and above all sportsmanship. Isn’t it? As Chris Mitchell says,

People say sports teach character but that’s not true. Sports reveal character and then the word of God can come into life”.


Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case with him. In fact, he too had a story of brawl and quarrelsomeness to tell. He missed the 2009 Berlin World Championships after getting involved in a speed boat accident in South African waters, and as a mark of forfeiture, fracturing two ribs, an eye socket and a jaw. He even threatened a man to break his two legs in one incident. Yet, the most pathetic of the incidents happened two days ago. He shot dead his girl friend Reeve Steenkamp at a time when the planet is celebrating Valentine’s Day after having survived the apocalypse. Mitchel Sokolove of the New York Times Sunday magazine once on Oscar wrote,

“Pistorius is a great deal of fun and more than that, a little crazy”.

The aftermath of the events, one routine judicial story. In the days to come, our Oscar would be a regular visitor to the court, charged with murder and would end up behind the bars in an isolated area. But, those dreams Reeve desired and deserved will ever remain scorned and unfulfilled.

May her soul rest peacefully as she takes the place in the grave for one final time.

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