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Issac Newton

Hope many of you have heard of a famous theory concerning a sportsman in India – the land of misinterpreted Vedas, Machiavellian Politics, and Mathematics – that runs as follows. If cricket is religion, Sachin is God. This clearly implies cricket batsman Sachin inspires younger generations, largely born and brought up during 1990s overwriting other theories that lead irrationals believe that the batsman played for sheer personal laurels and not for the teams he played. Such contrasting theories regularly get refurbished by their proponents as soon as one seemingly sends waves of support for imaginary claims which hardly get deserving treatments – either punished for pulling leg or accepted for being on truth rather than on opinion (or word of mouth campaign). Irrespective of whether one sees truth in them, and regardless of acceptability of measurements for weighing in on, one must not fall back from understanding basic theory that kept the cricketer going. Passion for playing on shrugged off disrespect and mania, both displayed aggressively. That’s what for some men and women were born. In the list of such standalone expressions of life, Gautama, Christ,¬†Socrates and his disciples, murderous machiavel, Albert Einstein, Darwin, James Clerk Maxwell, and scientific echelons occupy their slots based on degree of respect.


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